5 Eco-Friendly Camping Tips

Anyone who loves the beauty of nature and escaping into it will definitely agree that camping is one of the most enjoyable and incredible ways of truly appreciating Mother Earth.

What better way to enjoy the great outdoors than to pack up your gear and spend some quality time with your loved ones on an environmentally friendly camping trip.

So here are some eco-friendly camping tips sure to make your time spent in nature as green and enjoyable as possible.

1) Give the gadgets a break

Leave all the unnecessary gadgets behind. You don’t really need to bring along your iPad or laptop do you? Instead, carry along a book or some fun board games that you and your companions could play. Enjoy the natural sounds and lights around you and take in all of nature’s beauty without the distraction of any electronics. However, do carry your phone with you in case of emergencies.

2) Pack reusable dishes

Instead of paper plates and plastic cutlery, opt for reusable crockery such as lightweight titanium plates and foldable plastic bowls and cups. These take up little space making your backpack way lighter.

3) Purchase second hand gear

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on brand new camping gear. This is especially true if you are not the avid camper. Why not recycle some great camping equipment that you can purchase from most second-hand stores. Plus, this is a sure way to cut back on costs and save you some money.

4) Carry Non-toxic Soaps and Detergent

Just because you’ve gone camping doesn’t mean you should forget about hygiene. Pack along biodegradable non-toxic soaps to clean yourself and your dishes. These are eco-friendly and won’t cause harm to the environment around you.

5) Use solar energy

Nowadays, you are able to find solar powered torches and lanterns and these can come particularly in handy when you are on an eco-friendly camping trip. Leave them out during the day to absorb in the sun’s rays and they will provide great lighting for you during the night.

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