Are You Ready for Camping?

settig up campingCamping has been a favorite of everyone else including me, of course. It is a recreational activity where you spend most of your time with nature together with your friends or family. The question is, are you ready for camping? Here are some reminders and tips you need to consider making outdoor camping fun, enjoyable and memorable.

Setting Up Your Camp Place

  • It is best to arrive early to your camp grounds so you have ample time to set up your tent before it gets dark.
  • Choose a good spot that is level and free of any stones or sticks. In case the site you have chosen is inclined, make sure that you sleep with your head uphill.
  • Look out for falling rocks or dead tree branches.
  • Never park your RV or pitch your tent under a single tree as it attracts lightning and you don’t want to be a lightning rod either.
  • Firmly anchor your family camping tent to the ground with stakes to prevent everything being blown away even by a minor storm. If you’re camping in a loose or sandy soil, put some large rocks on top of the tent stakes. If you set up your outdoor camping tent in a rocky soil, put large rocks inside the tent to secure it.
  • Do not camp near river or any watercourse. Sudden rainstorm may flood the river and cause it to overflow. Moreover, most insects thrive in river beds that are stagnant especially mosquitoes.

camping gear imagesCamping Gear and Camping Clothes

  • Practice setting up the tent before your camping trip. Make sure there is enough space for everyone to sleep on including other camping stuff. A width of three feet per person would be ideal for a nice and cozy sleep.
  • Make sure you the things listed in your camping equipment list are complete and in good working condition.
  • Choose boots that can endure long walks from hiking or trekking.
  • Bring appropriate clothes that will make you comfortable all throughout camping.
  • A hat would be helpful to keep the sun away from your face and head when it’s sunny and keeps the warmth of your head from escaping during winter camping.
  • Better not drink alcohol before bedtime because you will lose body warmth hours later.

cooking in camping siteCamping Cooking Gear

  • If you are camping in a country where bears roam freely, set up your camp at about a hundred feet so when you cook and eat you will not get an unexpected visit from these uninvited visitors.
  • Better to cook in a camp stove to make your food cook faster and even instead in a campfire because they are hard to control and food burns easily.
  • Don’t forget your condiments and spices to make every meal more delicious and palatable.

Keeping Your Self and the Area Clean

  • Bring trash bags with you and keep all the rubbish inside. Never leave garbage even a small candy wrapper.
  • If you can’t help it and really needs to “poop”, find a place far from water resources, dig a hole and bury the waste.

Use eco-friendly biodegradable soaps for cleaning and bathing.