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Biggest Kitchen Knives

One thing I would like to admit is that kitchen knife sets are just straight up a big no-no. While these may be appealing from the economical perspective because you get multiple knives for a decent price, the truth is that they are usually very disappointing. As a result of my bad experience with knife sets, I decided to go A La Carte’ when buying kitchen knives. I found that this was a better way to go when hunting for a high quality, durable and functional kitchen knife.

Also, size is definitely an important factor for me when it comes to knives. I personally prefer the biggest kitchen knife for myself because it is sturdier and does a better job at cutting, slicing, chopping, etc. The following is a list I’ve compiled of the top 5 big kitchen knives which would prove to be great additions to the utensils stash:

#1: Wusthof 4519-1/36-100 Gourmet 14 inch Brisket Slicer

biggest kitchen knifeManufactured by Wusthof, a company dating back to 1814, this brisket slicer is definitely a knife to watch out for. With a blade measuring 14 inches in length, this knife definitely leans on the bigger end of the size spectrum. It is ideal for slicing or cutting briskets and other large cuts of meat. A notable feature of this knife is its ABS polymer handle which is capable of resisting high heat, therefore you can comfortably carve or slice a piping hot cut of meat. Also, the handle has three rivets and offer a comfortable grip with its ergonomic design. The high carbon stainless steel blade is the knife’s USP as it features a hollow edge and is designed to provide perfect precision when cutting.

#2: Fat Daddio’s Bread/Cake Knives 14 inches

Fat Daddio's Bread -Cake Knives, 14 Inches If you’re looking for the biggest kitchen knife to cut cakes and breads then this one is ideal. The 14 inch long serrated edge of the blade allows it to slice through breads and cakes cleanly, i.e. it glides through the cake layers or the bread smoothly and effortlessly to ensure that you get a clean cut instead of a crushed piece. Made from 16 gauge stainless steel, the knife is quite durable and its comfort grip handle adds to the experience! The handle isn’t geared to be used left or right handed therefore users would be able to use it comfortably irrespective of whether they are lefties or righties. The knife comes with a plastic sleeve for added safety when storing away.

#3: Mercer Culinary Millennia 14 inch Granton Edge Slicer Knife

Mercer Culinary Millennia 14-Inch Granton-Edge Slicer KnifeMercer Culinary is a trustworthy name that is synonymous with quality professional cutlery. It has been in the industry for more than thirty years and provides the choicest cutlery for use by professional chefs. This slicer knife features a one-piece 14 inch high carbon and stain-free Japanese steel blade with a razor sharp edge. Its handle does not lag far behind, in fact it complements the blade well. The handle is made from a combination of Santoprene and Polypropylene. It boasts of an ergonomic design and has a protective finger guard and slip resistant textured finger points for maximum comfort and safety during use. What’s more, the knife holds an NSF certification and also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

#4: Victorinox Cimeter 14” Blade

Victorinox Cimeter, 14inch Blade, Black Fibrox Pro HandleMade in Switzerland, Victorinox is an international brand that is known for its Swiss army knives, pocket knives and multi-tools. This 14” knife is compact and sturdy, thereby making it perfect for use in the kitchen. The knife is only 8 ounces in weight and therefore is very comfortable to use. The knife has a good balance and a curved edge which makes it perfect for breaking down and carving large carcasses such as hogs, beef, lamb, etc. Of course, it can also be used for cutting vegetables, breads, cakes and other items.

#5: Mundial 5617-14 Cimeter Knife

Mundial 5617-14 14-Inch Cimeter Knife, Black One look at the knife and you can tell that it is a cimeter steak knife, one that is meant for use on meats. This NSF certified knife has a long 14 inch blade that performs impressively even in the most demanding tasks. The handle is chosen with great care to match its long blade so as to provide the perfect balance. The handle contains an anti-microbial protection, which is very useful for hygiene purpose as it inhibits or kills the growth of harmful micro-organisms on its plastic surface. The long blade of the knife comes in handy for cutting large vegetables like pumpkins or fruits such as pineapples and watermelons.


Finding large kitchen knives with blades measuring 14 inches is no cakewalk. This list took me quite some time to compile but it was worthwhile because every product is worth its weight in gold. I have opted for different manufacturers in order to keep the list diverse because not everyone has the same preferences. Hopefully this list will help you find the biggest kitchen knife for your kitchen the way it helped me. For more information, click on the product picture.

Largest Patio Umbrellas

While you may not think much about patio umbrellas, these things are very difficult to shop for and I have had this realization when I needed to get one for my patio. Outdoor seating is no doubt very appealing but you wouldn’t want to be seated outside having your meal or hanging out with people when the midsummer heat waves are at full swing. This is where patio umbrellas come into the picture. These provide shade and relief from heat while preserving the excitement and fun of outdoor dining or chilling out.

When choosing an outdoor umbrella, it is important to take size into consideration. The right sized umbrella would provide you with adequate shade. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that the size of the umbrella can make or break your outdoor seating. So make sure you pay close attention to the size of the patio umbrella you choose. If you are looking for the largest patio umbrella then you can consider the following 7 options:

#1) 13 Foot Green Market Patio Umbrella

13 Foot Green Market Patio Umbrella Outdoor FurnitureThis will serve as the perfect canopy for your patio. Not only does this outdoor umbrella provide shade from the sun (UV 30+) with it also protects against rain. Its poles and ribs made from German Beech wood are insect repellent and topped off with a coat of varnish, thereby prolonging its lifespan.

Measuring 13 feet in diameter, this is definitely a very large garden umbrella that is just right for large tables or outdoor seating spaces. Even though it is massive in size, it is surprisingly quite stable because of its 8 ribs design. The umbrella is large enough to provide adequate shade to table of six or more.

#2) GHP 13 Feet Green Aluminum UV Protective Polyester Patio Umbrella

GHP 13Ft Green Aluminum UV Protective Anti-fade 180D Polyester Patio UmbrellaMeasuring a generous 13 feet in diameter, this green 180D polyester patio umbrella is UV protective and offers good shade owing to its large size. The material does not fade easily, which makes it a great investment for outdoor living spaces as you would not need to change it very often.

The 100” pole of the patio umbrella is high enough to be out of the way and at the same time it isn’t too high that it loses its function! Easy to open and close, the umbrella also works great for the beach, street and garden.

#3) 13 Foot Hunter Green Market Patio Umbrella

13-foot-hunter-green-market-patio-umbrella-outdoor-furnitureIf you want one of the largest patio umbrellas then 13 feet in diameter is definitely the way to go. This one is made of German Beech Wood. Not only does it have the natural wood texture but it is also made to repel insects. The anti-fade polyester canopy of the umbrella ensures that it stays vibrant for a long time, thereby providing the user with great value.

The canopy is also waterproof and offers good protection when it drizzles. The umbrella has 8 firm ribs, which provides the stability required in case of a large outdoor umbrella like this one.

#4) 13 Foot Khaki Polyester Rope Pulley Patio Umbrella

13 Foot Khaki German Beech Wood 180g Water-proof Polyester Rope Pully Market Patio Umbrella OutdoorTired of the regular green color for outdoor umbrellas? How about picking one that is Khaki in color? The pulley and rope mechanism of this patio umbrella makes it very easy to lift and lower. The umbrella would stay put in case of strong winds too because of its 8 sturdy ribs construction.

The polyester canopy does not fade and offers UV 30+ sun protection. It is constructed from German Beech wood and has a varnish coat in order to increase its durability while maintaining its natural look.

#5) 13 Foot Red Polyester Sycamore Wood Umbrella

XL 13 Foot Red Polyester UmbrellaThis is definitely one of those outdoor patio umbrellas that would catch your eye with its bright color. The red shade of the umbrella is sure to perk up your patio space, thereby making it very inviting and pleasing to the eye. Made from Sycamore wood, the umbrella provides a good canopy for enjoying the outdoor scenery and breeze.

It protects against the sun, rain and also strong winds. Featuring 8 ribs wrapped with cloth for better stability and optimum stretch, the garden umbrella will prove to be a great addition to your patio.

#6) 13 Foot Market Patio Umbrella Khaki

13 Foot Market Patio Umbrella Outdoor Furniture KhakiIf you’re looking for a large umbrella that scores high in both function and aesthetics aspect then this one would fit the bill. FSC certified, the umbrella is environment protecting. It is constructed from Sycamore wood, which is known for its high density and harness.

Measuring 13 feet in diameter, the Beige/Khaki umbrella is substantially large and can be mounted in the middle of a table or on a stand. In terms of design, this patio umbrella is quite impressive, you can detach the pole for storing away the umbrella conveniently.

#7) New Sun Shade Backyard Grass Lawn Waterproof Top Sycamore Umbrella

Laggest Patio UmbrellaBe it on a business street, a pub street, a gazebo, a garden or by the lake, this outdoor umbrella will definitely serve the purpose in the best possible manner. Being 13 feet in diameter, the umbrella is large enough to absorb the harmful UV rays of the sun while keeping the individuals under it cool.

It is also a great choice when drizzling as it offers adequate protection thanks to its water-resistant canopy. The attractive matching air vented top of this blue umbrella is yet another impressive feature. The umbrella boasts of a pulley and rope mechanism for easy lifting and lowering, therefore you do not need tools for erecting the umbrella or retracting it.

Finding large patio umbrellas is definitely not an easy feat, I had to do extensive research in order to come up with the best choices. With this list, I hope to help individuals who are in the same position as I was, i.e. looking for the best large patio umbrella money can buy. The choices stated are no doubt worthwhile options to consider because they offer the best of both worlds: high functionality and a reasonable price tag. Click on the images of the product listed in order to find out more about them. Hopefully this will make the task of whittling down your list to the ultimate one easier.

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Top 5 Tips To Choose The Right Camping Backpack

camping tipsWhen you are going camping, there is one tiny but important factor that you have to consider so that you would have a good experience while going outdoors. You need to have a backpack that will be comfortable bringing as you trek different outdoor venues.

Backpacks can affect your camping trip and this was proven by a camper before who had his hips damaged upon putting an ill-fitting backpack on during the entire trip. However, after how many years and a second try at the same trip but with a comfy backpack, the trip was finished successfully. There are some tips that you should look at when shopping for your backpack

1) Know your needs

Camping needs vary from a camper or hiker to another. Some would opt to bring only a few things that are really essential while some would opt to find a bit more of comfort by bringing many things along on their backpacks. The latter case is usually true when people are planning to stay outdoors or in the wilderness for a month or more. Once you have already determined the necessary things to bring, it will be easier for you to estimate how your backpack should be.

2) You can ask the capacity of the backpack from the sales representative.

The salesperson can explain to you the space that will be given to you by the backpack. For a safe choice, you should just choose a backpack that will fit your needs as if you are going on a very long trip.

3) Prioritize comfort

This means that you should look for a backpack that would allow you to put in all the things that you need for camping but despite its resulting weight, you would still be able to carry it without exerting too much energy. This is possible if you will choose a backpack that is good at weight distribution for your comfort. You can test this by carrying different weights of sand bags. You can add more sand bags until you will stop at the weight that you are still comfortable carrying.

4) You should also look at the straps of the bags shoulder and hip straps

You should distribute the weight of the contents of your bag by letting the shoulder straps carry 30% of the weight while the hip straps should carry the remaining 70%. The hip strap should carry more as it has more stability. Another thing that you should look into is the extent of the mobility that you can do. It should not restrict your movements.

Backpacks should have sternum straps too in order to stabilize the weight that you will carry while trekking to your main camping spot. These straps are ideal for putting just below your collarbone for more stability.

5) Pick a frame for your backpack

There are external and internal frames. A backpack with external frames is ideal for novice campers and even kids given that you will pass by easy to follow trails. A backpack with internal frames is, on the other hand, ideal for hard trails because it allows you to move quite freely so that you can better control your moves.

Best Play Tents for Kids

The importance of play for kids cannot be underscored. Playing allows the kids to develop, socialize and learn new things while at the same time learning more about themselves and others. Through trying new things, their confidence and imagination is built up and this leads to improved levels of self-esteem.

One of the things your kids will certainly love is a play tent. This article provides reviews of 7 best play tents for kids.

#1) Play Tent Princess Castle by Pockos

Play Tent Princess Castle by Pockos - Features Glow in the Dark StarsWho wouldn’t want to be a princess? Your child can now be royalty with the Play Tent Princess Castle by Pockos. This princess tent comes with its own carrying case and is very easy to set up and take down making it convenient for both outdoor and indoor play.

And the fun does not stop when the sun goes down as the glow in the dark stars of the castle light up. Easy to clean, it won’t collapse as it is firmly held up by sturdy fiberglass.

#2) Roadacc ™ Play Tent House and Tube for Kids

Roadacc (TM) Play Tent House and Tube for KidsThis is a gift that the kids will adore and enjoy. It has a spring-pop tunnel tube that joins the cubby tent and teepee to form a single play area. The components can be used separately or joined together.Set up and breakdown is easy and no tools are required.

It is lightweight and has a zipper carry bag for convenience for both indoor and outdoor use. The tent is made of polyester material. For convenient storage it can be folded flat.

#3) Playhut Beauty Boutique Play Hut

Playhut Beauty Boutique Play HutAnother fun play tent for your child to read, play dress-up and have fun with friends. It is pink and purple in color and stands 3 feet tall so small children can stand and play with ease. There is a changing curtain inside for the kids to change into their costumes and a mirror for them to preview their look.

Setup is immediate as it has a spring frame and just pops open when unfolded. It has two side openings and a door for multiple points of entry and exit.

#4) Cubby-Tube-Teepee-3pc Pop-up Play Tent

Cubby-Tube-Teepee-3pc Pop-up Play TentThis adorable play tent comes with a square tent, a triangle tent and a triangle tent and these components can be joined together or used separately. It is easy to clean using a wet cloth or soap and water.

The tent has a pop-up design for fast and easy setup and has a zipper bag for portability. It is 100% polyester and the frames are spring steel.

#5) Kiddey Knight Castle Kids Play Tent

Kiddey Knight's Castle Kids Play TentWith the Kiddey Castle Tent you are guaranteed to win your little kid’s heart. Its polyester fabric and special design makes it perfect for many indoor and outdoor activities all year round. Its fabric door rolls up and down for easy access.

It comes with four sturdy poles and you can assemble it quickly without needing any tools. Don’t worry about storage space as it is compact when folded.

#6) Pacific Play Tents Me Too

Pacific Play Tents Me Too Play TentThis kids play tent features a one-round tunnel port with Velcro closure and a single large zip-close door. It also has a mesh top for extra ventilation and parents have a clear view of what is going on inside.

This bright colored polyester tent is very durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The shock-corded fiberglass poles are virtually unbreakable.

#7) Liteaid Rocket Ship Tent

Best Play Tents for KidsThis Rocket Sip Tent helps you create an amazing out of this world look for your little one. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

It comes with a slip-and –slide double water slide, a pair of plastic securing stakes and repair patch kits. It is very easy to set up as you simply attach to a water horse and turn the water on.

Caution :Kids under 3 years should not be left alone in the tents as there is a risk of chocking.

4 Best Camping Tips For The Winter

winter campingOutdoor camping is a fun adventure for the entire family. Every single camping trip requires some planning to make sure that you have got the necessary supplies as well as safety equipment. But camping during the winter season has particular cautions that ought to be taken. Being ready for anything is important during the cold.  Read through 4 essential winter camping tips below.

1) Clothing

Clothing is especially vital during the winter season. Whether remaining at the campsite or going out for a backpack it is essential to maintain your body’s temperature and avoid the harmful effects of winter, for example, hypothermia. Make it a point to always wear the hat. As much as 80 percent of your heat could be lost from your head, therefore, putting on a hat is important.

Put on a number of layers of clothing and choose an outer clothing which is waterproof. Wear comfortable, wool socks. Putting on 2 pairs of socks is recommended for warmth as well as comfort. Always put on boots which are suitable for cold temperature and are also water-resistant. Keeping the feet dry and warm is crucial for preventing hypothermia.

2) Keep Yourself Warm

Be sure you have got a warm fire at the campsite and that the sleeping arrangements are appropriately protected from the cold. Select sleeping bags as well as sleeping mats which are waterproof and feature warm linings. Be sure you get into your sleeping bag which is already dry and warm. Perform some workouts and warm up by the fire prior to getting into your tent and falling asleep. For those who have wet clothing on, replace it and put on dry clothing while sleeping.

3) Healthy diet

You will find yourself less hungry during the cold months but never neglect nutrition. It can help to keep the energy level up. Hot drinks will also help. Avoid coffee, tea, as well as alcohol in case you are experiencing the effects of hypothermia since they are going to thin the blood and enhance the symptoms.

4) Be ready for emergencies.

It is not unusual to have an unexpected major shift in weather conditions leaving you stranded and struggling to go back to your campsite. Additionally, it is feasible to have an accident like slipping on a slippery incline or even falling into freezing water through the ice. Being ready for these kinds of disasters might imply the difference between life and death. Also have waterproof matches, foodstuff as well as water supplies, first aid kits and blankets available.

How to Start a Campfire?

campfireWhen you hear the word campfire, what immediately comes to your mind? Of course a swirl of pleasant images and perhaps nostalgic memories of all times. The most iconic being a welcoming campfire shared by friends and loved ones.

Besides warding off a cold chilly night, a campfire is quite often a place where family, friends, lovebirds and acquaintances gather together to lounge, roast marshmallows, chat or just silently stare at the empty sky or glowing coals and let their minds wander.

Campfire has a magnetic power that attracts all of us. But before divulging into such nirvana, do you really know how to start a campfire? Well, not knowing how isn’t a crime and it isn’t that hard.

Here is a step by step guideline of how to start one.

Gather all that you need

There’s a list of items necessary to start a campfire than just placing a few logs and tossing on a match.

Here’s is a list of what you’ll need.

  • Tinder or wood shavings or commercial fire sticks
  • Kindlings which are twigs or small branches
  • Firewood
  • A lighter or match box

Building the campfire

Before starting a campfire, it has to be built first.Push the ash as well as charcoal from previous fires to the extreme outer edge of the ring to create enough room for the new campfire, often called the fire pit.You can as well create your fire pit by clearing away any vegetation or dead grass around.

Then dig a pit into the cleared soil to set the loose dirt aside, this can be useful in case of emergency. Also, you can mound the soil or large rocks around the sides of the pit. This acts as a firewall and insulates the fire.

Follow the following instruction to get your campfire burning.

  • Next, just at the center of the ring, keenly lay a bed of tinder.
  • Then create a larger teepee of firewood on or over the kindling.
  • After this lit the fire with a matchbox of a lighter. The fire flames will rise to the kindling which in turn lit the larger wood.
  • Congratulations for lighting your first campfire and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor.

How to Choose Sleeping Bags for Camping?

Camping is a fun and amazing way to spend time with your family or friends. You get to enjoy the amazing feel of nature and sleep under the stars. As long as you have the right kind of food and proper gear, you will definitely enjoy camping.

One of the most important things that you should never forget to get as you go camping is a sleeping bag. The big task is knowing how to choose sleeping bags for camping. There are a number of factors that you should consider as you get you camping sleeping bag.

The Temperature

Different sleeping bags have different temperature ratings. This helps you know the average temperature that will keep you warm while camping. If for instance a sleeping bag is ’30-degree bag,’ this means that you should still be fine even if the air temperature drops to no lower than 30 degrees. The manufacturer of course assumes that you will use a sleeping pad under the bag as well as wear warm sleeping clothes. Different manufactures have different ratings on sleeping bags. However, camping bags usually have a temperature rating of +15 degrees & 50 degrees.


Compared to backpacking bags, camping bags have more room making them more comfortable. Sleeping bags come in different shapes and sizes. There are rectangular sleeping bags, mummy bags, barrel shaped and double wide sleeping bags. Most of these can be used for both backpacking and camping. Just chose a shape that you are most comfortable with to suit your needs.

Type of Insulation on the Sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are either made of synthetic insulation or goose down insulation. Synthetic insulation is strong and dries quickly. It is affordable but if you are looking to use your sleeping bag for backpacking as well, it might not serve the purpose.

Goose down insulation is more durable and is easy to compress compared to synthetic insulation. It is however a bit higher on the price. When Goose down insulation gets wet it loses its insulating power.

Well, these are the most important aspects that you should look at as you choose sleeping bags for camping. Keep in mind that there are kids as well as women’s sleeping bags as well that are ideally designed to suit their needs.

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8 Best Instant Tents For Camping

Camping is an invigorating activity that takes people away from the hustle bustle of city life and gives them some time to be in natural surroundings. But there are a few conveniences that are not easy to do without. A roof on head for one is essential to keep heat, rain, and cold out. Tents became popular for such outdoor activities which were not necessarily recreational. But putting up a camping tent can’t be easy and it can consume a lot of time. Instant tents are handy in these cases for most of the campers. . Here is our recommended list of eight best instant tents for camping.

1. Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent

Coleman Instant tent 6 personOverall dimensions of this instant 150D/150D camping tent made from polyester are 10 feet by 9 feet. Two queen- sized air beds can fit into this. The height in center is six feet two inches.

It takes merely a minute to set it up because it has pre-assembled poles. The welded floors are made from patented WeatherTec system. Seams are inverted so the water is kept out. In addition, there is vented rainfly for additional weather protection. The guy lines are reflective for better illumination in night. Click Here To Buy from Amazon

2. Coleman Instant Tent 4

Coleman Instant tent 4Overall footprint of this Coleman pop up tent is 8ft by 7 ft and the height at the center being 4 feet 10 inches. The instant tent comes with poles that are pre-assembled because of which it can be set up in less than two minutes. It is made from good quality polyester (150D/150D), and seams are taped.

The floors of this instant camping tent are welded with WeatherTec system. Seams are also inverted therefore water remains out. Rainfly is vented. And there are reflective guy lines. It can accommodate an airbed of queen size. Click here to Buy from amazon.

3. Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

Coleman Instant CabinThis 14 feet by 8 feet instant camping tent with center height of 6 feet by four inches is more spacious. It includes room divider and can accommodate 2 airbeds (queen size). For setting it up almost instantly, the manufacturer has provided poles which are pre-assembled.

The flooring is welded, and includes patented WeatherTec technology. It also includes inverted seams so water remains out. Additional weather protection is from rainfly which is vented. Click Here To Buy from Amazon..

4. Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Coleman 14x10 Foot 8 Person Instant TentThis 14 feet by 8 feet footprint instant tent has a height of 6 feet 4 inches at its center. It is made from 150D polyester (taffeta), which is a heavy duty fabric.

The instant tent comes with tent poles that are pre-attached, and do not take more than a few minutes to set up. It also comes with WeatherTec technology that prevents rain from entering into it. Click HERE To Buy from Amazon..

5. Flexzion 6 Person Instant Pop Up Tent

Flexzion 6 Person Instant Pop Up TentThis tent has zippered door, and it automatically pops up making it most suitable for outings near beaches and water fronts. Though basically designed for 5 persons, it can accommodate six as well, because its footprint dimensions are 10 feet by 7 feet.

The material used to make this lightweight tent provides protection against UV light as well as rains. The frame includes poles that are redesigned. This feature makes these pop up camping tents stronger and considerably more resistant to strong winds. CLICK Here To Buy from Amazon..

6. Coleman 12 By 10 Instant Canopy With Screen

Coleman 12 x 10 Instant Screened CanopyThis is a hexagonal shaped tent with sufficient height for taller members because of vaulted opaque white ceiling. The fabric keeps ultraviolet rays away. It does not have flooring but is primarily meant to give view all around while simultaneously protecting the people inside from weather.

The transparent screens all around have two doors or openings. The grip locking system is also very easy and firm. The best part is this tent or canopy can be carried around very easily and is multi-functional since people can stand inside to their full height. Click Here to Buy From Amazon

7. Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant 3 Room Tent

Ozark Trail tentThis is a spacious 16 feet by 16 feet cabin tent which can be good for taller members, as it provides shade to sit out in. The enclosed room can accommodate 3 airbeds of queen size, each of which would be good enough for four to sleep under camping conditions.

Because of pre-attached poles, it takes merely a couple of minutes to set it up. There are 7 windows to this home outside home, each of which can be closed completely. Click Here To Buy from Amazon..

8. Coleman Instant 10 x 10 Canopy Tent

Coleman 10 x 10 Instant Screened CanopyThis 10 feet by 10 feet canopy tent includes two doors with zippers. Unlike other canopies, this canopy tent comes with a floor that keeps insects away. It is primarily designed for watching games or sitting in shade.

People can feel comfortable inside unlike in tents where height is not sufficient most of the time, and people can only use them for sleeping. This canopy tent keeps them safe from oppressive heat and strong winds. The grip locking arrangement holds the tent firmly in place. CLICK Here To Buy from Amazon..

Top Rated Camping Tents

The camping season is almost here. That means it is time to start getting all your camping gear in order. Top on the list; the camping tent. In the days gone by, a tent was just a tent. But nowadays tents have become so specialized that finding a tent that matches your needs is not very easy.

One thing you will realize with tents is that you really get what you pay for. You don’t want to learn this during your camping trip, waking in a tent full of rain water, with the poles bending and zippers getting spoiled all over. Take your time and find a tent that can not only withstand the weather elements but also can stand the test of time.

Let us now have a look at some of the top rated camping tents out in the market:

#1) Sundome 4 Person Tent

For any camping group of four, this definitely the ideal tent. It is a 4’x9’x7’ tent with a large enough door for easy movement, in and out. No need to worry about ventilation even in rain as it has a hooded fly as well as a hooded window to provide sufficient airflow across the tent. It comes with welded seams to protect against a leaky floor. The walls are made of coated polyester fabric for durability. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#2) Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent

This 17×10-feet tent is large enough for eight campers to sleep in it. You can create three separate rooms for privacy with the removable walls. It has a center height of 72 inches and weighs 21.5 pounds. It is ideal for multi-small families. It is very easy to set up with its shock corded poles and simple set up instructions. Its weathertec system’ ensures that you are sufficiently protected from wet conditions during your trip. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#3) Sundome 2 Person Tent

This, 7’x5’ camping tent is the ideal tent for any two campers. It comes with a large door for easy movement. Ventilation is taken care of by the large hooded window as well as the hooded fly. The rugged polythene floor wraps on the sides thus protecting you from extreme weather. The walls are coated polyester for durability. It has an Electrical Access Port as well as an interior mesh storage pocket. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#4) Sundome 3 Person Tent

This 7’x7’ tent sleeps three campers. Its easy set-up makes it ideal for both beginners and seasoned campers. It has multiple ventilation points that are adjustable. The doorway is a bit raised to prevent the rain from coming in. It weighs 8 pounds making it easy to carry on a short hiking expedition or on a bike. Its polyester fabric ensures your privacy while also giving you sufficient day light inside. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#5) Coleman Evanston Screened tent

This is a 3-pole dome tent ideal for rainy weather. The green and white fabric is designed to blend with forested campsites. The tent utilizes a standard 2-pole dome design with the third pole arching over the front door. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#6) Alps Mountaineering Lynx Tent

Its lightweight and protective design makes it ideal for all seasons. The walls are partially mesh to enable you enjoy the summer breezes while inside. The polyester material offers Ultra Violet and water protection. The tent also includes mesh storage pockets, gear loft, aluminum stakes as well as guy lines. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#7) Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Made of Polyguard 2X fabric for better weather protection, this is the easiest tent to set up. Setting up is made easy by the pre-attached poles, which make it a simple matter of just unfold, stretch-and-click and secure. It is spacious enough for you and seven of your friends and can fit two queen airbeds. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#8) Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

It has a cabin-like design and plenty of space which makes if feel more like a house than a campsite tent. The specially angled windows don’t let in the water even when they are open but let in the light. Insta-Clip pole attachment make the tent strong enough to withstand high winds. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#9) Coleman Accy Rainfly 8 Person Tent Accessory

This 14×8 feet tent accessory is properly sealed and protected from the rain. You can crack your windows to get better airflow even when it’s raining. It is sold separately from the tent. It comes in different colors and is recommended for recreational camping. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#10) Coleman 6 Persons Instant Tent

It only takes about a minute to set up this 6-person tent. It has two inner storage pockets for you to keep your necessities. It also has a rigged Polyguard 2X fabric, a WeatherTec system as well as a vented rainfly to protect you from bad weather. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#11) Wenzel Alpine 3 Person Tent

This lightweight and easy to set up tent comes with a D-style door with closable mesh windows for great ventilation. It has an 8 by 8.5 feet single room large enough for three people. The fiberglass frames are shock-corded to make set up very easy. It has a center height of 48 inches and is made of polyurethane coated polyester. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#12) WeatherMaster 6 Person Screened Tent

This tent comfortably sleeps six people in two rooms. It has a center height of 6’10” and a footprint of 17’x19’. It has adjustable ventilation as well as an electrical access port. Set up is very quick and simple thanks to continuous pole sleeves and color coded poles and an exclusive pin-and-ring design. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#13) Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent

With its simple set-up, dual doors as well as dual vestibules this tent offers comfort for your nights in the outdoors and is considered to be one among the top rated camping tents. Two doors mean you can enter and exit easily without disturbing your mate. Its polyester material is durable and lightweight. It has 35 square feet of space enough for two adults to sleep comfortably. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

Healthy Outdoor Adventure

The list beneath shows normal Health Concerns in the Outdoors including measures and solutions to help you be protected while making the most of your nature. This outside undesirable variables one can experience during the outdoor adventure.


Sunburn, created when your skin gets presented to a lot of the sun’s bright light, is typical, however effortlessly stayed away from, an issue in the outside.  Every single outdoor adventure, particularly the individuals who are fair-skinned, ought to wear sunscreen to prevent ultra-light effect

Biting and stinging Insects

Flies, Mosquitoes, and other biting insects are difficult avoidable creatures of nature. Luckily, these bug nibbles are typically more annoying than being a health danger. Know your adversary and be readied. This implies distinguishing and staying away from the most exceedingly bad areas and times of year for bugs. It likewise implies pressing the right sorts of garments (light-hued long-sleeve shirts, long jeans, bug shirts, bug-net caps etc.) and utilizing some type of topical anti-agents if required.


While various sorts of snakes are poisonous, a couple (coral snake, copperhead, moccasin, and rattlesnake) have conceivably deadly chomps.  Avoid zones inclined to snakes by checking your manual or approaching a neighborhood officer or guide for exhortation. Remain focused or in very much prepared, open zones. Watch where you’re going and tune in. Be careful and ready when climbing rocks. On the off chance that you see a snake, don’t rattle it.

Altitude Sickness

Sickness as a result of altitude can influence outdoor adventures when going at high rises (frequently above 2,400 meters or 8,000 feet). It is brought about by the blend of diminished pneumatic stress and lower oxygen levels. How quick you move to a high elevation and how hard you inspire yourself can build the chances of an event.
site effects incorporate a slow sensation regularly joined by a cerebral pain, dazedness, sickness, appetite loss, hoisted heart rate and shortness of breath with effort. Much of the time, side effects are mellow, however, intense cases can be incapacitating, even deadly.
Outdoor adventure must avoid suddenly changing every day of altitudes