Best 4 Person Tent – Top 11 Options to Consider

When it comes to camping, if you could give your undivided attention to the selection of just one thing then it should be the tent. When you are out camping with your family or group, and sleeping under the stars, you would want to have a comfortable camping tent, one that allows everybody to get a good night’s sleep. Thus, a good backpacking tent is money well invested because the wrong tent can surely turn the camping trip into a nightmare for the entire group.

There is no denying the fact that sleeping together in a large group is more fun that sleeping in pairs or individually. However, selecting a tent large enough for four people can be a bit tricky. After all, in case of a 4 man tent, the size is surely going to be large. Therefore, you would want to ensure that you pick the best lightweight tent so that it would still be easily portable. We have narrowed down the best 4 person camping tents so that you can pick up your best 4 person tent without any hassle. These are as follows:

#1: Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman Sundome TentReconnect with outdoors with the help of this tent from Coleman, ‘The Outdoor Company that has been around for more than ten decades. This cute white and lime green dome tent is easy on the eyes while being large enough to comfortably fit two queen-sized airbeds. Made from durable TC fabric, this makes an excellent 4 season 4 person tent as it also features WeatherTec system and a rainfly to keep the rain out.

Also, the tent takes care of the most dreaded factor of camping: bugs. It has a breathable ventilation system which helps keep the air flowing and also ensures that the bugs stay out. What’s more, your group wouldn’t need to sweat it out for setting up the tent because its Insta-Clip poles facilitate easy installation. So if you are looking for big tents for camping then you would not need to look past this one. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

#2: Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent

Coleman 4-Person Instant TentYet another quality product from Coleman, this one has spacious interiors measuring 8 feet by 7 feet. Its pre-assembled poles make life, or rather ‘camping life’ much easier because the installation can be done in a minute. Also, there is no need to fuss over taking it down the next morning because it can be done in a minute as well, which is great news for those who are not really ‘morning people’. Thus, the tent definitely gives full justice to its name ‘Instant tent’.

A unique feature of the Coleman four person instant tent would be its Illumiline reflective guy lines which offer better visibility at night. This is also one of the best all season tents because it features WeatherTec system’s patented inverted seams and welded floors which guarantee dry interiors even in case of a downpour. As if this is not enough, the tent also has a built-in vented rainfly which provides extra protection from the rains. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

#3: Alps Mountaineering Morada 4 Tent

Best 4 person TentIf you don’t want to kill the campsite buzz when you’re out camping with your group then you should select a high quality 4 person backpacking tent like this one. The tent is made from polyester taffeta and has free standing aluminum poles along with an extra cross pole, which provides more interior space and more importantly, spacious head room. It comes with two doors, each featuring zippered mesh windows, therefore your group wouldn’t have a problem climbing into this one.

Bad weather can also sap the fun out of camping, but with this tent you can ensure that this won’t happen to you because it comes with weatherproof fly buckles, factory-sealed floor seams and two vestibules. You can also enjoy star-gazing with your group from inside the tent thanks to its mesh roof vent. Of course, the vent also doubles up as a ventilation feature and prevents the atmosphere inside from getting too stuffy.  Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

#4: Mountaineering Taurus Tent from Alps

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4 TentBad weather, bugs and ventilation problem – The Mountaineering Taurus outdoor tent from Alps can take care of these three most common backpacking/camping problems effortlessly. The best tent for family of 4, this one has two doors complete with mesh windows, which can be zipped up if desired. The rainfly prevents rain water from entering the camp, even in case of very bad weather. What’s more, there’s no danger of condensation inside the tent the next morning, even when you have the rainfly on the entire night.

Who makes the best tents for a large group? The answer is no doubt Alps, as it has always risen above the expectations of its customers. The company is known to offer high quality camping tent with reasonable price tags so that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get your family or group a comfortable tent to retire for the night. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

#5: Slumberjack 4 Person Trail Tent

Slumberjack 4 Person Trail TentFeeling adventurous? Before you set out with your group for a fishing trip, backpacking holiday or a getaway adventure you should make sure that you carry a good tent for 4 people with you. Everything about this heavy-duty polyester camping tent is impressive from its noiseless zipper pulls to its free-standing design to its color-coded clip construction. Thus, it is the ideal accompaniment for your adventure trip. Despite its large size, i.e. about 56.5 sq. ft. floor area for sleeping and two 16.7 sq. ft. outer vestibules for storing dry gears, the tent weighs just eleven pounds.

This is a top rated 4 person tent that is surely going to impress you with its dual-entry and dual-vestibule design. It is the best choice for groups who wish to have a decent, sizable, well-ventilated and waterproof living space when outdoors. The large interior space of the tent allows as much as six people to fit in comfortably. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

#6: Alps Mountaineering Lynx Tent for Four People

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Tent 4-Person 3-SeasonA secure and comfortable tent is the basic desire of every camper. This desire is fulfilled in the most wondrous way by the Mountaineering Lynx tent from the reputable company Alps. A quality tent goes a long way when it comes to camping, therefore gems like this one are the ideal partner for outdoor trips. This cheap 4 person tent does not compromise on quality at all, thus you will have a great time sharing it with three other people.

The Mountaineering Lynx tent also addresses the dreaded task of setting up a tent by featuring two free-standing 7000 Series aluminum poles and high quality pole clips that can snap over quickly and conveniently. Thus, the tent can be set up in very little time. It also comes with vestibules, which allow you and your group to rest easy at night knowing that the gears are safe and well-protected inside the tent. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

#7: Coleman Hooligan Tent

Coleman Hooligan TentSometimes a simplistic design is all that you need for your camping tent. The Coleman 4 person dome tent is a basic and reasonably priced tent that does its job exceptionally well. The simple dome design of the tent makes it easier to set up, it takes just ten minutes to do so. Also, you can count on this one to keep the water out and have dry interiors even on a rainy night thanks to its WeatherTec patented system. The spacious interior of the tent allows up to four people to use it. What’s more, the interior does not get stuffy too, thanks to the full-mesh interiors of the tent that provides highly impressive ventilation.

Just like any other Coleman product, you can count on this one to last a really long time. The company has full confidence in the durability and performance of this tent, which is why this tent comes with a one year limited warranty. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

#8: Mountainsmith Genesee 4 Tent

best 4 person tent for campingHunting for 4 person camping tent is not exactly an easy task due to the fact that there are so many 4 person tents for camping out there. Thus, it is very easy to get intimidated and highly confused in the process. You would want your tent to offer good ventilation, be spacious, well-ventilated, perfect for all seasons and have an easy setup process. All this and more can be found in the Mountainsmith Genesee 4 tent.

The free-standing polyester tent has two doors and two vestibules. The four corner tent comes with clip-pole attachment which makes it more portable and allows the users to enjoy ventilation. This is a lightweight tent, which makes it perfect for outdoor use, although it can be used inside the house as well. The tent is roomy enough to fit tall people as well. The tent performs very well in case of windy weather too. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

#9: Coleman 4 Person Evanston Tent with Screened Porch Canopy

Coleman 4-Person Evanston TentThis is probably the best Coleman tent because of its unique design. For some people, camping is not just about the fun activities that they carry out during the day but also about the star-gazing at night and late night gabbing. This 4 person Coleman tent features a screened porch which enables you to sit up with your group and gaze at the beautiful night sky or the surroundings around you. It is almost like a mini ‘fort’ and it is highly portable, which makes it convenient to carry around when you’re camping.

One look at this tent and you’d assume that it is very difficult to set up. One the contrary, it is not at all challenging to set up the tent, the easy setup process takes just about fifteen minutes. The tent is lightweight but rigid at the same time thanks to its durable Insta-Clip attachments and wind-tested pole design. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

#10: Coleman Instant Cabin with Mini-Fly

Coleman Instant Cabin With Mini-FlyThis Coleman instant 4 person tent is the perfect blend of luxury and convenience. The polyester taffeta polyethylene material of the tent makes it highly durable. Its spacious design allows one to fit an entire queen-sized airbed inside it. The tent has multiple built-in windows complete with mini rainflies which offers extra protection during bad weather. Another major plus point of the tent is that it is easily visible at night due to its Illumiline reflective guy lines.

This 4 person instant tent is counted as one of the top rated 4 person tents in the market. Despite of being so large and spacious, its price tag is very reasonable. Thus, this comes to show that price is not always the true indicator of quality in case of products. The cherry on the cake would be the two storage pockets of the tent which allow occupants to store their camping gears in an organized and neat manner. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

#11: Coleman Sundome Four Person Dome Tent

Coleman SunDome 9- by 7- Foot Four- Person Dome Tent Hunting for the right 4 person 4 season tent but seem to be drowning in a sea of average tents? Well then you should focus your attention on the Coleman Sundome 4-person tent. This model has harnessed a lot of positive camping tent reviews and it is all for the right reasons too. The tent is very easy on the wallet. It measures about 9’ by 7’ and has a whopping 50” center height. It is great for small groups of campers as it can accommodate four people maximum.

The pin-and-ring system, color-coded poles and sleeves of the tent help the users set it up without any hassle. Thus, the entire installation process is a breeze and the same can be said about the process of taking it down. The poles are also shock-corded in order to provide better stability to the tent.

Other useful features of the tent are privacy vent window, electrical access port, continuous pole sleeves, interior gear pocket and a high quality carrying bag that comes with a set of instructions sewn into it.  Click Here to Buy from Amazon..


All these products listed above are excellent choices for an outdoor camping trip or an adventure trip with a group of up to four people. We are very serious about the quality of recommendations here, so we have listed only the best and most impressive tents. This way we make sure that our readers will be able to find the best 4 person tent for the money or budget they are working with and be satisfied with their choices. Taking into account that the preferences would vary in case of different individuals, we have tried to make our list as varied as possible in terms of shapes and designs of the tent.

The importance of investing in the right kind of tent for your group and trip cannot be stressed enough. Remember, the best camping gear is the tent because it allows the occupants to rejuvenate and recharge themselves in a comfortable environment at night so that they can be well-rested and be raring to go the next morning.

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