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2 Easy Camping Breakfast Recipes That Kids Will Love To Eat

Outdoor cooking with your whole family can be fun, exciting, delicious and easy. Besides those regular sweets and hotdogs you usually eat while camping, you may try any of the foods given that are very easy to prepare:

Food Camping Breakfast

Toast is acceptable in camping for it is very easy to prepare and eat, however, there is no fun doing a toast. Call in your kids and let them help you prepare these very easy camping recipes that you can make while camping.

Potato_galettes_with_quail_eggsOmelet in a Bag

This campfire recipe is perfect for your outdoor camping and produces a delicious food that your kids will love. To start with, put a large pot filled with water over your camping stove and let it boil. While waiting for the water to boil, get your freezer bags and write each member of the family’s name on the bags. In each bag, break two eggs inside and then let your kids run their imagination by adding their favorite add-ons in their omelet. Some suggestions or ingredients that you may pack separately are:

  • Onions
  • Cheese
  • Ham
  • Bacon
  • Broccoli
  • Tomatoes
  • Peppers
  • Olives

Mix the ingredients well by using a fork or your fingers inside the freezer bag. Make sure to squeeze out the air of your zip locked freezer bag or else the bag will burst while cooking it in the pot. Now that the water is already boiling, drop each bags carefully and let it stay there for ten minutes or so or until all add-ons are cooked. You may now take the bags out of the pot and pour your cooked meal in your plate. Make sure to season your eggs with pepper and salt. You may add a side dish like fresh fruits or breads.

Muffins in Orange ShellsMuffins in Orange Shells

You may think that cooking muffins in your outdoor camping can be impossible and complicated. You will be surprised to know that doing this can take only a little work. All you need to do is bring six fresh oranges and a bag of just-add-water ready to cook muffin mix.

You may open the oranges by slicing the top side of the fruit and try scraping the inside of the fruit without reaching the rind. Now that the orange is hallow, ask you kids to pour the muffin mixture until you fill 2/3 of the whole orange. Make sure to protect the bottom of the orange by wrapping it with a heavy-duty aluminum foil. Set the oranges carefully in your heated coals and let it bake itself for ten to fifteen minutes. Make sure to check each oranges every now and then by using tongs to avoid burn.

Once the muffins are done, you may slowly get it out of the coal and serve it to your kids. They may use forks or even their fingers to eat it. Do not forget to top it with fresh fruits they desire.

Outdoor camping is a great way to bond with your family and friends as well. Making sure that they get involved in every activities you do while camping, even the outdoor cooking, is a great way to enjoy your camping. Just make sure to prepare very exciting and nutritious yet very easy-to-do camping recipes every time you do camping. Enjoy!

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