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8 Best Instant Tents For Camping

Camping is an invigorating activity that takes people away from the hustle bustle of city life and gives them some time to be in natural surroundings. But there are a few conveniences that are not easy to do without. A roof on head for one is essential to keep heat, rain, and cold out. Tents became popular for such outdoor activities which were not necessarily recreational. But putting up a camping tent can’t be easy and it can consume a lot of time. Instant tents are handy in these cases for most of the campers. . Here is our recommended list of eight best instant tents for camping.

1. Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent

Coleman Instant tent 6 personOverall dimensions of this instant 150D/150D camping tent made from polyester are 10 feet by 9 feet. Two queen- sized air beds can fit into this. The height in center is six feet two inches.

It takes merely a minute to set it up because it has pre-assembled poles. The welded floors are made from patented WeatherTec system. Seams are inverted so the water is kept out. In addition, there is vented rainfly for additional weather protection. The guy lines are reflective for better illumination in night. Click Here To Buy from Amazon

2. Coleman Instant Tent 4

Coleman Instant tent 4Overall footprint of this Coleman pop up tent is 8ft by 7 ft and the height at the center being 4 feet 10 inches. The instant tent comes with poles that are pre-assembled because of which it can be set up in less than two minutes. It is made from good quality polyester (150D/150D), and seams are taped.

The floors of this instant camping tent are welded with WeatherTec system. Seams are also inverted therefore water remains out. Rainfly is vented. And there are reflective guy lines. It can accommodate an airbed of queen size. Click here to Buy from amazon.

3. Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

Coleman Instant CabinThis 14 feet by 8 feet instant camping tent with center height of 6 feet by four inches is more spacious. It includes room divider and can accommodate 2 airbeds (queen size). For setting it up almost instantly, the manufacturer has provided poles which are pre-assembled.

The flooring is welded, and includes patented WeatherTec technology. It also includes inverted seams so water remains out. Additional weather protection is from rainfly which is vented. Click Here To Buy from Amazon..

4. Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Coleman 14x10 Foot 8 Person Instant TentThis 14 feet by 8 feet footprint instant tent has a height of 6 feet 4 inches at its center. It is made from 150D polyester (taffeta), which is a heavy duty fabric.

The instant tent comes with tent poles that are pre-attached, and do not take more than a few minutes to set up. It also comes with WeatherTec technology that prevents rain from entering into it. Click HERE To Buy from Amazon..

5. Flexzion 6 Person Instant Pop Up Tent

Flexzion 6 Person Instant Pop Up TentThis tent has zippered door, and it automatically pops up making it most suitable for outings near beaches and water fronts. Though basically designed for 5 persons, it can accommodate six as well, because its footprint dimensions are 10 feet by 7 feet.

The material used to make this lightweight tent provides protection against UV light as well as rains. The frame includes poles that are redesigned. This feature makes these pop up camping tents stronger and considerably more resistant to strong winds. CLICK Here To Buy from Amazon..

6. Coleman 12 By 10 Instant Canopy With Screen

Coleman 12 x 10 Instant Screened CanopyThis is a hexagonal shaped tent with sufficient height for taller members because of vaulted opaque white ceiling. The fabric keeps ultraviolet rays away. It does not have flooring but is primarily meant to give view all around while simultaneously protecting the people inside from weather.

The transparent screens all around have two doors or openings. The grip locking system is also very easy and firm. The best part is this tent or canopy can be carried around very easily and is multi-functional since people can stand inside to their full height. Click Here to Buy From Amazon

7. Ozark Trail 12 Person Instant 3 Room Tent

Ozark Trail tentThis is a spacious 16 feet by 16 feet cabin tent which can be good for taller members, as it provides shade to sit out in. The enclosed room can accommodate 3 airbeds of queen size, each of which would be good enough for four to sleep under camping conditions.

Because of pre-attached poles, it takes merely a couple of minutes to set it up. There are 7 windows to this home outside home, each of which can be closed completely. Click Here To Buy from Amazon..

8. Coleman Instant 10 x 10 Canopy Tent

Coleman 10 x 10 Instant Screened CanopyThis 10 feet by 10 feet canopy tent includes two doors with zippers. Unlike other canopies, this canopy tent comes with a floor that keeps insects away. It is primarily designed for watching games or sitting in shade.

People can feel comfortable inside unlike in tents where height is not sufficient most of the time, and people can only use them for sleeping. This canopy tent keeps them safe from oppressive heat and strong winds. The grip locking arrangement holds the tent firmly in place. CLICK Here To Buy from Amazon..

Top Rated Camping Tents

The camping season is almost here. That means it is time to start getting all your camping gear in order. Top on the list; the camping tent. In the days gone by, a tent was just a tent. But nowadays tents have become so specialized that finding a tent that matches your needs is not very easy.

One thing you will realize with tents is that you really get what you pay for. You don’t want to learn this during your camping trip, waking in a tent full of rain water, with the poles bending and zippers getting spoiled all over. Take your time and find a tent that can not only withstand the weather elements but also can stand the test of time.

Let us now have a look at some of the top rated camping tents out in the market:

#1) Sundome 4 Person Tent

For any camping group of four, this definitely the ideal tent. It is a 4’x9’x7’ tent with a large enough door for easy movement, in and out. No need to worry about ventilation even in rain as it has a hooded fly as well as a hooded window to provide sufficient airflow across the tent. It comes with welded seams to protect against a leaky floor. The walls are made of coated polyester fabric for durability. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#2) Coleman 8 Person Red Canyon Tent

This 17×10-feet tent is large enough for eight campers to sleep in it. You can create three separate rooms for privacy with the removable walls. It has a center height of 72 inches and weighs 21.5 pounds. It is ideal for multi-small families. It is very easy to set up with its shock corded poles and simple set up instructions. Its weathertec system’ ensures that you are sufficiently protected from wet conditions during your trip. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#3) Sundome 2 Person Tent

This, 7’x5’ camping tent is the ideal tent for any two campers. It comes with a large door for easy movement. Ventilation is taken care of by the large hooded window as well as the hooded fly. The rugged polythene floor wraps on the sides thus protecting you from extreme weather. The walls are coated polyester for durability. It has an Electrical Access Port as well as an interior mesh storage pocket. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#4) Sundome 3 Person Tent

This 7’x7’ tent sleeps three campers. Its easy set-up makes it ideal for both beginners and seasoned campers. It has multiple ventilation points that are adjustable. The doorway is a bit raised to prevent the rain from coming in. It weighs 8 pounds making it easy to carry on a short hiking expedition or on a bike. Its polyester fabric ensures your privacy while also giving you sufficient day light inside. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#5) Coleman Evanston Screened tent

This is a 3-pole dome tent ideal for rainy weather. The green and white fabric is designed to blend with forested campsites. The tent utilizes a standard 2-pole dome design with the third pole arching over the front door. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#6) Alps Mountaineering Lynx Tent

Its lightweight and protective design makes it ideal for all seasons. The walls are partially mesh to enable you enjoy the summer breezes while inside. The polyester material offers Ultra Violet and water protection. The tent also includes mesh storage pockets, gear loft, aluminum stakes as well as guy lines. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#7) Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Made of Polyguard 2X fabric for better weather protection, this is the easiest tent to set up. Setting up is made easy by the pre-attached poles, which make it a simple matter of just unfold, stretch-and-click and secure. It is spacious enough for you and seven of your friends and can fit two queen airbeds. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#8) Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

It has a cabin-like design and plenty of space which makes if feel more like a house than a campsite tent. The specially angled windows don’t let in the water even when they are open but let in the light. Insta-Clip pole attachment make the tent strong enough to withstand high winds. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#9) Coleman Accy Rainfly 8 Person Tent Accessory

This 14×8 feet tent accessory is properly sealed and protected from the rain. You can crack your windows to get better airflow even when it’s raining. It is sold separately from the tent. It comes in different colors and is recommended for recreational camping. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#10) Coleman 6 Persons Instant Tent

It only takes about a minute to set up this 6-person tent. It has two inner storage pockets for you to keep your necessities. It also has a rigged Polyguard 2X fabric, a WeatherTec system as well as a vented rainfly to protect you from bad weather. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#11) Wenzel Alpine 3 Person Tent

This lightweight and easy to set up tent comes with a D-style door with closable mesh windows for great ventilation. It has an 8 by 8.5 feet single room large enough for three people. The fiberglass frames are shock-corded to make set up very easy. It has a center height of 48 inches and is made of polyurethane coated polyester. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#12) WeatherMaster 6 Person Screened Tent

This tent comfortably sleeps six people in two rooms. It has a center height of 6’10” and a footprint of 17’x19’. It has adjustable ventilation as well as an electrical access port. Set up is very quick and simple thanks to continuous pole sleeves and color coded poles and an exclusive pin-and-ring design. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

#13) Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent

With its simple set-up, dual doors as well as dual vestibules this tent offers comfort for your nights in the outdoors and is considered to be one among the top rated camping tents. Two doors mean you can enter and exit easily without disturbing your mate. Its polyester material is durable and lightweight. It has 35 square feet of space enough for two adults to sleep comfortably. CLICK HERE To Buy from Amazon..

Top 10 – 4 Season Camping Tents

Looking for 4 season camping tents for yourself? This can be a confusing and intimidating task because of the sheer number of options available in the market. To make things easier for you, we have shortlisted ten best 4 season tents for you to choose from:

#1 Coleman 17×10 feet Red Canyon Tent for 8 people

Coleman Red Canyon 17-Foot by 10-Foot 8-Person Modified Dome TentTraveling with a large family and you don’t want to spend the night in separate tents? Well, the Coleman Red Canyon Tent is the ideal choice for you. This spacious tent can fit at least eight adults, being 17×10 feet in size. What’s more, the tent also allows you to enjoy your privacy because there are two room dividers included which can section off the giant tent into three rooms. CLICK HERE To Buy From Amazon..

#2 Coleman Montana Tent for Eight

Coleman Montana 8 TentNo doubt, this is one of the best 4 season camping tents for large groups. Made from Polyester, the special cabin design of the tent is its main USP. What’s more, this 8-person tent features specially angled windows which do not let rainwater in even if they are kept open during torrential rains. The tent comes with an electrical access port (for use of electronic devices inside the tent), a hinged door and an aesthetic awning. CLICK HERE To Buy From Amazon..

#3 Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person Screened TentOne of the first things that catch your attention when it comes to this all weather tent is its floor-less screen room. This offers special ventilation on days when it is excessively warm and is also a great spot to ‘chill out’ in during night time or rainy weather. It features the proprietary WeatherTec System which guarantees a dry and comfortable experience inside the tent. This giant 17×9 feet tent is propped up by strong fiberglass poles which can withstand all weather. CLICK HERE To Buy From Amazon..

#4 Wenzel Alpine Tent for 3 people

Wenzel Alpine 8.5 X 8-Feet Dome Tent (Light Grey/Blue/Gold)Are you looking for the best four season tent for a small group? Well, you don’t have to look further than this 3 person pentadome tent from Wenzel. The shock-corded fiberglass frame of the tent and the fact that it comes with just 3 poles makes it ultra-easy to setup. This is indeed an all season tent because it comes with an integrated mud mat and a drainage strip to keep the tent dry and clean, even when the weather is playing spoilsport. CLICK HERE To Buy From Amazon..

#5 Instant Tent for Eight by Coleman

Coleman 14x10 Foot 8 Person Instant TentYet another quality ultralight 4 season tent from Coleman, this one boasts of a spacious interior that is large enough to fit two queen-sized airbeds. The 14 x 10 x 6.5 feet tent comes with a one year warranty and offers large doors and windows with screens to keep bugs and creepy crawlies at bay. There is also a removable divider in between the rooms for added privacy. Just like other 4 season family tents from Coleman, this one features the exclusive WeatherTec system too. CLICK HERE To Buy From Amazon..

#6 Suisse Sport Mammoth Tent for 6 in Olive or Khaki Color

Suisse Sport 6 Person Mammoth Dome Tent 12' x 10' with dividerIf you have a fairly large group and you wish to have a lightweight 4 season tent then this one would fit the bill just fine. Weighing just 17 pounds, the Suisse Sport Mammoth dome tent can fit up to six people and offers a removable divider which splits the tent equally. The double D door of the tent features a mesh cover to keep the water out during rains or storms. There are 3 mesh zipper windows and a mesh ceiling, which provides adequate ventilation for the people inside. CLICK HERE To Buy From Amazon..

#7 Mountain Trails Grand Pass Tent for 10 Individuals

Mountain Trails Grand Pass 18- by 10-Foot, 2-Room 9 to 10-Person Family Dome TentIf you want a large 4 season backpacking tent that can fit up to 10 people then you should go for this tent. The dome tent is constructed from nylon and features two large D-style doors. The pin-and-ring system and the shock-corded fiberglass frame of the tent makes it extremely convenient to assemble. The stow ‘n’ go duffel system is also a major plus point. CLICK HERE To Buy From Amazon..

#8 Coleman Rainfly Instant Accessory for an 8 person tent

Coleman Rainfly for Coleman 8-Person Instant TentSo you’ve found the best 4 season camping tent for yourself but you need better protection for it during the rains? Well, a rainfly accessory would be just the thing you need then. This accessory is right for tents measuring 14×10 feet or having the accommodation space for eight people. With this accessory on, you can crack the windows of your tent for better airflow without a single drop of water finding its way in. CLICK HERE To Buy From Amazon..

# 9 Wenzel Kodiak Tent for Nine

Wenzel Kodiak Tent - 9 PersonTraveling with nine people can be quite a challenge, which is why you should opt for the best all weather tent to make things a lot more convenient for you. This large cabin tent comes with a storage duffel, a mud mat, two gear lofts, two hanging pockets and sturdy steel stakes. What’s unique about this tent is its design, mostly the straight sidewalls which optimizes the inside space of the tent. CLICK HERE To Buy From Amazon..

#10 Biscayne Screeh House from Wenzel

Wenzel Biscayne 14x12-Feet Screen House

With a floor area of 126 square feet and 84 inches height (at the highest point), this tent is perfect for use in all seasons. It is very easy to set up and is the perfect companion to have around when camping outdoors. The mesh walls of the tent are screened, therefore even the smallest insect wouldn’t be able to enter the tent, which naturally maximizes the comfort of the users. CLICK HERE To Buy From Amazon..

Best 2 Person Backpacking Tent Reviews

Summer is coming, and that means that the camping season is about to begin. While finding the best 2 person tents might look like a daunting task. Stop worrying to much about it. This Best 2 Person Backpacking Tent reviews I will cover everything you need to know to start your weekend away feeling comfortable and fully prepared. This guide is meant to help you sort through a load of different tents that are available on the current market.

#1) Coleman Sundome 2 Person Tent

Camping on a budget? This tent might be just right for you. With it’s easy to build dome structure this is by far one of the best 2 man backpacking tent on the market for its price. It’s 7 feet by 5 feet and 48 inches high. While not one of the most spacious of the 2 man tent reviews I will do today. This is a fantastic product that you should not overlook. With built-in electricity accessibility, you will never be in trouble.

#2) Mountainsmith Morrison 2 Person 3 Season Tent

Looking for something a little bit more upscale? Well, this is one of the best 2 person camping tent out there. It’s a multi-season tent, which let you go out not only during the summer but also during autumn and spring. With it’s 35 square feet floor, this is by far one of the largest 2 person backpacking tent on the market. This tent is fully waterproof and is made to have excellent aeration.

#3) Coleman Hooligan Tent

Are you planning to move around a lot? If so, this tent might be an interesting choice for you. With a one pole design setting it up as never been that easy. Perfect for those campers who want to move around a lot over the course of their journey. This is one of the best 2 person camping tent for those who also have restraint budget. It is quite a bit smaller than most of our other options, but will still fit two persons comfortably.

#4) Weanas® Waterproof Double Layer 2, 3, 4 Person

Is color an important point for you when buying a tent? Well, this design come in 4 very distinct colors. viz. Azure, Blue, Green and Orange. It is also coming with a very classy interior design with brace type windows and a door that can be opened from both sides. The outer layer is more spacious than other 2 man tent reviews we’ll do today. Therefore, you can easily store your shoes and backpack outside.

#5) MSR Hubba Hubba NX 2-Person Tent

Is weight an issue that worries you a lot when traveling? Well, this 2 person camping tents got it all figured out for you. This tent is only 3 pounds in total which make it a super choice for people backpacking around that want to keep the total weight of their backpack to a minimum. It’s worth noting that it also comes with doors on each side, and both the doors have an outer layer that will protect your belonging from the rain.

#6) ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2 Person Tent

Looking for something to brave the rain and wind with? These lightweight 2 man tents were made specifically for the purpose of withstanding torrential rains. With a unique nylon factory sealed crease and doors. You don’t have to worry about water leaking in and waking up soaked wet in the morning. It is also worth nothing that the floor is made from a particular type of fabric which repel humidity.

#7) Kelty Salida 2 Tent

Looking for more space? This product is one of my best 2 person camping tent. It combines a lot of the features that we had available in former products all in this one lightweight tent. It as a double vestibule and is larger than most of the small 2 man tent.

#8) Swift-n-Snug 2 Person Camping Tent

What about something more classic? This backpacker tent as it all. The company prides itself in saying that they offer the best quality tents at the lowest price. One of the very interesting thing to note about this product is that they have a money back warranty if you were not satisfied with their product.

#9) ALPS Mountaineering Extreme 2 Tent

Need something to brave more challenging weather? This tent for 2 people Is similar in design to their Lynx 2 model. The cool thing about this tent is that it comes with a more robust frame and a larger vestibule, that allow for more versatility.

#10) ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 2 Tent

Have you ever dreamed of looking at the stars before falling to sleep? With this tent, you can do it (if there is no rain in the weather forecast of course). The mesh roof makes for a better overall ventilation inside of the tent and will help humidity to stay out. It’s kind of a cool bonus that if you remove the outer layer the screen is so bright that you can look at the sky without hassle.

Your Tent Deserves Your Care

We seek protection under tents at the time of camping but how much do we bother to protect our tents. Yes, it’s necessary to take care of your tent before and after mounting to increase its durability.

With A New Tent

Before first tenting at the camping location have a trial at home this could avoid identifying some manufacturing defects at camping or even it could give you an exposure to tenting if you are new to it.

Selecting The Tenting Location

The tent floor must be an even surface without vegetation and clear away the debris before tenting. Low lying grounds should be avoided as it may cause the rain water to stagnate.


Always have a groundsheet cut to your tent size or you need to fold the sides to your tent size. Use the ground sheet under your tent footprint so that it could protect the foot print from getting damaged.

Getting Into The Tent

While getting into the tent kindly drop your footwear and wipe your feet to avoid soiling of tent surface.

Packing A Tent

Hot sunlight and heavy rainfall are the enemies to the tents. So wipe off the excess water on your tent before packing the tents if it has got soaked in rainfall. Also always check all the water run away and if it gets absorbed by tents then it’s time to change your tent. Generally, wipe excess dirt from the tent before packing. This could avoid damages to tent sheet.

Washing The Tent

Do not use any heavy detergents for washing, always use tent washing liquid or mild soap mixed with water to clean the tents. Dry the tents on shades and avoid direct sunlight or any other hot air sources.

Tent Poles

The tent poles must be handled gently while pitching to avoid any breaking of poles. Sometimes the broken poles can be substituted with replacement poles available in generic size and it needs to be cut to match other poles size.

Tent Holes

Often we can find small holes that can be fixed instead of changing the tent sheets. Once we happen to identify the small flaws in tents immediately they can be fixed with duct tapes. If the defects are left unnoticed then they could widen causing huge damages thus affecting the longevity of the tent.