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Biggest Kitchen Knives

One thing I would like to admit is that kitchen knife sets are just straight up a big no-no. While these may be appealing from the economical perspective because you get multiple knives for a decent price, the truth is that they are usually very disappointing. As a result of my bad experience with knife sets, I decided to go A La Carte’ when buying kitchen knives. I found that this was a better way to go when hunting for a high quality, durable and functional kitchen knife.

Also, size is definitely an important factor for me when it comes to knives. I personally prefer the biggest kitchen knife for myself because it is sturdier and does a better job at cutting, slicing, chopping, etc. The following is a list I’ve compiled of the top 5 big kitchen knives which would prove to be great additions to the utensils stash:

#1: Wusthof 4519-1/36-100 Gourmet 14 inch Brisket Slicer

biggest kitchen knifeManufactured by Wusthof, a company dating back to 1814, this brisket slicer is definitely a knife to watch out for. With a blade measuring 14 inches in length, this knife definitely leans on the bigger end of the size spectrum. It is ideal for slicing or cutting briskets and other large cuts of meat. A notable feature of this knife is its ABS polymer handle which is capable of resisting high heat, therefore you can comfortably carve or slice a piping hot cut of meat. Also, the handle has three rivets and offer a comfortable grip with its ergonomic design. The high carbon stainless steel blade is the knife’s USP as it features a hollow edge and is designed to provide perfect precision when cutting.

#2: Fat Daddio’s Bread/Cake Knives 14 inches

Fat Daddio's Bread -Cake Knives, 14 Inches If you’re looking for the biggest kitchen knife to cut cakes and breads then this one is ideal. The 14 inch long serrated edge of the blade allows it to slice through breads and cakes cleanly, i.e. it glides through the cake layers or the bread smoothly and effortlessly to ensure that you get a clean cut instead of a crushed piece. Made from 16 gauge stainless steel, the knife is quite durable and its comfort grip handle adds to the experience! The handle isn’t geared to be used left or right handed therefore users would be able to use it comfortably irrespective of whether they are lefties or righties. The knife comes with a plastic sleeve for added safety when storing away.

#3: Mercer Culinary Millennia 14 inch Granton Edge Slicer Knife

Mercer Culinary Millennia 14-Inch Granton-Edge Slicer KnifeMercer Culinary is a trustworthy name that is synonymous with quality professional cutlery. It has been in the industry for more than thirty years and provides the choicest cutlery for use by professional chefs. This slicer knife features a one-piece 14 inch high carbon and stain-free Japanese steel blade with a razor sharp edge. Its handle does not lag far behind, in fact it complements the blade well. The handle is made from a combination of Santoprene and Polypropylene. It boasts of an ergonomic design and has a protective finger guard and slip resistant textured finger points for maximum comfort and safety during use. What’s more, the knife holds an NSF certification and also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

#4: Victorinox Cimeter 14” Blade

Victorinox Cimeter, 14inch Blade, Black Fibrox Pro HandleMade in Switzerland, Victorinox is an international brand that is known for its Swiss army knives, pocket knives and multi-tools. This 14” knife is compact and sturdy, thereby making it perfect for use in the kitchen. The knife is only 8 ounces in weight and therefore is very comfortable to use. The knife has a good balance and a curved edge which makes it perfect for breaking down and carving large carcasses such as hogs, beef, lamb, etc. Of course, it can also be used for cutting vegetables, breads, cakes and other items.

#5: Mundial 5617-14 Cimeter Knife

Mundial 5617-14 14-Inch Cimeter Knife, Black One look at the knife and you can tell that it is a cimeter steak knife, one that is meant for use on meats. This NSF certified knife has a long 14 inch blade that performs impressively even in the most demanding tasks. The handle is chosen with great care to match its long blade so as to provide the perfect balance. The handle contains an anti-microbial protection, which is very useful for hygiene purpose as it inhibits or kills the growth of harmful micro-organisms on its plastic surface. The long blade of the knife comes in handy for cutting large vegetables like pumpkins or fruits such as pineapples and watermelons.


Finding large kitchen knives with blades measuring 14 inches is no cakewalk. This list took me quite some time to compile but it was worthwhile because every product is worth its weight in gold. I have opted for different manufacturers in order to keep the list diverse because not everyone has the same preferences. Hopefully this list will help you find the biggest kitchen knife for your kitchen the way it helped me. For more information, click on the product picture.