Coleman 4D CPX 6 the Portable Energy Pack

Camping GadgetsThis Portable Energy Pack from Coleman is a very unique design and also very useful kind of tools for those who love their gadget or those who like to online all the times, whenever and wherever. I said this based on what I find after having some sort of research of course. If you have like Smartphone, or some other gadget like I-pad, I-phone, then of course you are going to need some power bank like this portable energy pack and it is one of the handy camping gadgets.

It is to Charge your phone

It  has the very interesting shape tools but the kind of function is very important and very useful. This is of course for those who really like to stay online with the small tools such as the mobile phone, I-phone, I-pad or such kinds of thing.

It has the standard of 3.11mm also USB jacks

This Coleman 4D Energy Pack also has the kind of standard 3.11mm and also the kind of USB jack so it must be very easy to use or to recharge the battery of your mobile phone when you are in the middle of something where it is very difficult to find the electrical sources to recharge your mobile phone.

Features and Specification

  • It can re-charge your mobile phone, iPod or such kinds of electronic
  • The power allow you to recharge your gadget for more than ten times
  • It has the standard of 3.1mm and also the USB jacks
  • It has the storage compartment which is for the charging cords

Customer Reviews and Score

The Coleman portable energy pack happen to be one of the very interesting tools which is the power bank to help those who like to go out or do travel around. I found 156 customer reviews by the time I write this review and they give this Coleman 4D Portable energy Pack 3.3 out of 5 Stars.


In summary, Coleman 4D CPX 6 the Portable Energy Pack a great camping gadget and is very useful and also important to have in order to stay online or something related to the mobile phone. With its interesting shape and also the large amount capacity of the power, of course it give some satisfaction for anyone who purchase it and I who have been using it would as well recommend it to you.

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