Coleman Auto-ON LED Cooler Light

Camping GadgetsThe Coleman LED Cooler Light happens to be very useful to have especially if you like to open or take something from inside of your refrigerator at night. This is will give you more of the light and it is also brighter. With the kind of auto-on so it will be light automatically once you open the door and it will off once it is closed. So, once again Coleman Auto-on LED cooler light is very recommended kind of camping gadgets to have. Well here are some kinds of finding that I found after doing some of my little research.

It can be set automatic

The Coleman LED cooler light can be set in the mode of automatic. As the name, it means the light can automatically goes on once the door of the cooler is open and it is going to goes off once the door of the refrigerator is closed. Is not it very interesting? Also, at the same times this is also very useful because that means it could also economize the use of electricity.

It is waterproof

The Coleman auto-On LED Cooler light has been well-designed. As you might have seen this kind of tools are designed to be waterproof that means no matter where you have it, it will be fine. As we all know, cooler must be cold and also there must be some water there that is why, this Auto-On Led cooler light must be designed special so that it will not get wet or it will be fine even if it is wet.

Features and Specifications

  • It can be set in the mode of automatic on or off
  • It has 5 Bright white of LED’s that illuminate any kinds or any size of the cooler
  • There are two kind of mounting options which are for the temporary or the permanent installation.
  • It happens to be waterproof, which means you can place it even under the kind of ice inside your cooler.
  • This tool can also be easy to move and to clean.

Customer Reviews and Scores

This LED Cooler Light is a very cool kit for the cooler light. It has the very interesting design and also easy to move or even to clean when it looks dirty or something. It is waterproof so it can be place in wherever inside the cooler. I found 121 customer reviews by the time I write this review and they give this led cooler light with the 4.4 out of the 5 averages.


In summary, the Coleman Auto-On LED Cooler Light is needed to have for the refrigerator. As the name this kind of kits can be set into automatic so that means it can turn on or off automatically as the door is open and closed. There are many people have been enjoying this kind of tools after they purchase and many of them have been recommend this to the others.

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