The Coleman High-Power 3AAA Headlamp

camping gadgetsColeman High-Power 3AAA Headlamp is among those important gadgets or tools that you need when it comes to camping or outing activities. If you happen to like camping like I do then you are going to search for the good tools especially for the lighting. So, in order to find the right one, then I decided to do some research. As it comes to my attention there is this very interesting one that people like to have, which is the Coleman High-Power 3AAA headlamp. I like it so much so I want to share what I find with you.

It is made of Plastic

With the kind of plastic as the materials of this product of course it will make whoever wear it would find it lightweight. Not only that the shape and also the color of this product is also great and varied. It might as well be one of the kinds of style while going on the camping with some of your friends or on such kinds of activities.

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Three different kind of light level

To see things at night we are going to need lots of light, so having this Coleman High-Power 3AAA Headlamp is also the right choice. That is because it is available with the three light levels. It is from the low level, medium level and also the high level. That means if there is still light you just need to use the low level, but when it is really dark then it is going to need the high level of the light. With the kind of different light, of course, it is going to help you on saving some of the batteries that you are going to need while you are on camping.

Features and Specifications

  • It is made of the plastic materials
  • This product has the bright LED that puts out of 75 Lumens which is on the High setting.
  • It is easy to turn and available with three different kind of light level
  • This Tools is powered by the 3AAA batteries which is going to provide the light for 11 hours on high, 20 hours on medium and 55 hours on low.
  • This product happens to be weather resistant.
  • It is comfortable to use as the headband and also it is easy to adjust.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Coleman High-Power 3AAA Headlamp is a very useful product when it comes on the lighting while outing or camping. It is easy to bring and also need less energy than to bring the other kind of lighting stuff. To assure you more, then you might like to know that there has been about 39 customer reviews about this product. They even awarded it with 3.9 out of 5 stars.


In Summary, the Coleman High-Power 3AAA Headlamp is very effective and also easy to use especially for those who like to go camping. It can be said that those who have purchased this product are proudly recommend it to all of their friends.


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