Coleman Micro Quad LED Mini Lantern

camping gadgetsCamping or some other outdoor nighttime activities can be so much fun and you can escalate the fun to another level when you equip yourself with useful and perfect camping gadgets. Coleman has rolled out a versatile product to the market that can keep your nighttime event and campsite enjoyable. Coleman Micro Quad LED Mini Lantern should be in your bag each time you go for camping with some friends or family.

The versatility of this Coleman mini lantern has to be one of the most amazing qualities. It allows every user to hang or clip the LED mini lantern at any desirable spot. Thanks to its magnetic characteristic, you can also stick this device on the refrigerator in your kitchen. Thus, the next time you feel hungry in the middle of the night, you can grab your favorite midnight snack more conveniently even when the kitchen light is off.

Very Useful and Detachable Four Micro Lights

This Coleman product is more like a single lantern with four removable micro lights that can still work in separate mode. Each of the detachable light pods is equipped with their own On and Off switches. It has the power to light up the night up to 9.75 hours continuously. The separated pods can shed 16 lumens of light as well. When you need to use a mini lantern with brighter illumination, you can simply re-dock all the pods to their base station.

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Great Capacity in Docked Mode

This mini lantern requires four AA batteries. Such small power source is enough to keep this device running for about 32 hours continuously and shedding up to 77 lumens of light. In every pod of the mini lantern, you will find an elastic rubber loop and pocket clip. In addition to that, they also have magnet well attached on the pods. That makes it a lot easier for you to attach the devices on almost anything you like.

Features and Specifications

Coleman has added great features on this micro quad LED mini lantern and you can find some of them as follow;

  • Changeable color shields. You can choose from four different colors like red, orange, green or blue to help you watch the campers more easily.
  • You can use rechargeable coin-cell batteries to power up the micro-lights.
  • One year warranty should be enough to prove the durability of this Coleman product.
  • You can use the attached lanyard to hand the micro-lights.
  • You shall find it no trouble to attach the device on any metal surface as this device is very magnetic.

Customer Reviews and Scores

So far, there are 58 honest customers who made their reviews visible at It should be of no surprise to see most of them rate this product very high. More than 60% of the reviews have awarded this LED lantern with 5 star rates.


There are many similar camp gadgets in the market but it is pretty hard to find an LED mini lantern that is so versatile like the one from Coleman. The great versatility of this micro quad LED mini lantern had made it even more useful for the users.

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