The Complete Camping Essentials

Outdoor camping is one way of escaping and releasing the stress and worries of everyday busy lives, from work to home. You can plan a getaway with friends, family or just you alone. There are many camping places to choose from and promise of facilities like toilets and camp store. Although they offer camping accessories and some camping stuff, it is better if you could bring your own. Here is a checklist:

Camping Tent

This is a must-have to get protection from the sun, wind, rain and snow. It comes in different sizes and shapes so check first what best suits you. Before leaving for a camping trip, remember these few reminders:

  • Ensure that the tent you’re bringing will have enough space to sleep on if you got some company with their gear as well.
  • Choose a tent with floors that was made with just one material instead with a lot of seams to prevent water from seeping in.
  • Always be ready for the weather because rain comes suddenly the least you expect it. So have your tent a rain fly that will extend to the entrance.

Sleeping Bags and Pillows

Even if you cannot bring your bed you can still sleep comfortably with your sleeping bags and pillow. Sleeping bags are essential so are the pillows to have a good night sleep.

Air Mattress or Sleeping Mat

This is necessary for kids or the elderly who want to enjoy camping but do not want to sleep on a hard surface. They are not used to roughing. Check first for any holes by inflating it.

Flashlights and Lanterns

This is very useful when night comes as it lightens your path and illuminates the tent if there is a need for most kids are afraid of the dark.

Insect Repellent Lotion

This will prevent you from being bitten by bugs or mosquitoes that carry diseases such as malaria and dengue.

Supplies for Campfire

Camping will never be the same without a campfire where you will cook your easy camping recipes and will be the source of your warmth as well. You will need a box of matches, firewood and old newspaper for your kindling.

Camping Cooking Gear

You need kitchen ware (pots and a pan), kitchen utensils, plates, bowls, glasses and silverware for eating and a kitchen stove to make food preparation much easier.

Camp Foods

These consist of food with longer shelf life and safe drinking water. Mostly these foods are canned goods, chips, soup packets and noodles.


These include all the essentials that you need such as toilet paper, shampoo, soap or toothpaste when you go to the toilet or when taking a bath.

Camping Clothes

Don’t bring a wardrobe, just simple and nice clothes will do and that will make you still comfortable even if you’re having your activities.

First Aid Kit

Never leave home without it because it is your emergency kit in case there are minor accidents like small cuts, bruises or sprain.

Books and Board Games

These will keep everyone busy for the time being, while adults cook some food or before doing the scheduled activities like hiking or fishing, in short – past time.