Coolest Camping Gears To Take With You on Your Camping Trip

Camping with kids during summers will turn out to be a great idea but if you want to turn it up a notch then you should definitely take some coolest camping gadgets with you. Just because you are taking your kids along with you doesn’t mean that the camping trip will turn out to be cumbersome and taxing. These cool gadgets to take hiking journey are a huge help for all parents taking their kids out for camping. Not only do they enhance the camping experience but they are also capable of helping you manage the outrageous demands or the whims and fancies of yours kids.

Considering the modern and high-tech era that we live in today, obtaining the best hiking devices is not a problem at all. There are so many options to choose from that you would be utterly confused as to which to take with you. Apart from the essentials, don’t forget to pack in some camping chairs as well to give your back a well-deserved rest during the exhausting but exhilarating outdoor experience. The following is a list of coolest camping supplements that are a must for all camping trips.

1. Pocket Chain Saw Military Survival Gear

Pocket Chain Saw Military Survival GearDon’t you just hate it when overhanging branches block your path during camping? Well then you should invest in this nifty and really cool camping accessories that can saw away wood while being a featherweight! Unlike conventional chainsaws, this one is highly portable and very versatile in the sense that it can also be used for cutting wood to build a bonfire for your camping trip.

This handy tool is definitely one of the coolest camping gear ever because it allows you to clear your path during emergencies when camping or hiking. Timber is no match for this sturdy carbon steel chain blade that comes in a belt loop pouch for protection.  Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

2. Mini Cree Flashlight Torch with Adjustable Focus Lamp

Mini Cree Led Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Light LampThe good old trusty flashlight will always be an indispensable gadget to carry around during adventure trips in wood because it just cannot be done away with. Whether you want a light to illuminate your path or to observe things in the dark, this Flashlight Torch with adjustable focus lamp would serve the purpose perfectly.

The bright, almost blinding 300 lumens light of this torch would also make animals scramble away from your path while the skid-proof design of its body provide you with a firm grip during camping. The product is also waterproof and its head can be pulled out for focusing the beam and will be one of the coolest camping gadgets with you during hiking.  Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

3. Esbit 3-Piece Camping Cooking Set With Solid Fuel Tablets

Esbit CS585HA 3-Piece Lightweight Camping Cook SetKids wining about growling stomachs while camping? No problem.. Simply use this 3-piece Camping Cooking Set from Esbit that runs on solid fuel tablets in order to rustle up a quick snack or a satisfying meal for the kids and yourself. Constructed from hard anodized aluminum, this light-weight cooking set is extremely easy to carry around and is most suitable for campers and backpackers.

What’s more, this Esbit Cook Set comes with a wind deflector to ensure that you can cook even in windy conditions! The 585 ml pot with two hinged stainless steel grips is large enough to prepare food for the entire family or a large group.  Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

4. Gerber Suspension Butterfly Opening Multi-Plier

Gerber Suspension Butterfly Opening Multi-PlierSometimes, in the camping world, being without a useful multi-plier can certainly leave you feeling crippled! Therefore it is very important that you carry this amazing gear with you that offers twelve different components integrated together in the handles of the plier. The open-frame stainless steel handle do not weigh much and it comes with a ballistic nylon sheath to make it even more portable.

This cool camping survival gear comes with a Philips screwdriver, a bottle opener, a can opener, two different types of flat head screwdrivers, a wire-cutter, a lanyard ring, a saw, an awl, a pair of scissors and two different types of blades along with the needle-nose pliers of course. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

5. Zippo Lighter

Zippo LighterWhile waterproof matches may do a great job, sometimes a trusty lighter works just fine for a camping trip. This matte black lighter with a red border and the Zippo logo is highly reliable owing to its windproof design and its sturdy metal construction. Thus, you can light a fire anytime and anywhere when you are camping with this handy coolest camping stuff.

Made in the United States of America, the flints of this highly useful gear can be replaced and the lighter is also refillable. What’s impressive about the lighter is that it comes with a lifetime warranty that allows you to replace it with a new one without any hassle anytime. Thus, you can count on Zippo lighter whenever you need a flame.  Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

6. Nikon All Terrain Binoculars

Nikon 7245 Action Ex Extreme All Terrain BinocularsWhen it comes to cool camping gear and gadgets, binoculars certainly comes into the picture as it is one of the must-have essentials for camping. The Nikon 7245 Action Ex Extreme binoculars with its metal chassis and rubber coated body offers up to 10x magnification and is shockproof, fog proof and waterproof.

This is a great camping gear to carry along if you have kids with you in order to enable them to see great sights. With a 50mm objective lens, this Nikon binocular offers top notch performance and delivers 100% customer satisfaction, thus making it a worthwhile purchase for all campers. This is another feather to addition of our compilation of hawkish camp gears. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

7. MSR Universal Canister Stand

MSR Universal Canister StandCamping on uneven terrain is no doubt frustrating, but it can be all the more frustrating when you are trying to make your canister stove stand on it. Thus, the MSR Universal Canister Stand definitely comes across as a savior in these situations. Its adjustable universal fit system and super stable wide base provides the perfect base for your canister stoves to rest on.

The spring loaded adjustment makes it easy for you to manipulate the canister stand. The ABS plastic and stainless steel body also scores brownie points in the department of aesthetics and looks. This one is definitely an underrated product that offers immense use.  Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

8. Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket KnifeDo you want to have really some gelid camp gadgets with you in one place? In that case the Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife is just the product for you! It comes with every imaginable gadget or tool and is a perfect buddy to have during camping trips. The polished cellidor case and the stainless steel tools are of top-notch quality and they offer equally impressive performance.

Equipped with thirty two different tools, this compact 3.5 inch army knife is a must-have for camping trips. When you have this product with you, there will be no need to carry any other tool separately because the former would suffice. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

9. Coleman 4D High-Tech LED Lantern

Coleman 4D CPX6 High-Tech LED LanternMade in USA, this Coleman lantern is a really cool camping gadget to carry along with you since it is capable of withstanding even the roughest weather. It offers maximum light coverage and output thanks to its twin reflectors. Compatible with 4D batteries, this lantern offers up to 300 hours of run time when put in the low mode.

The Cree XLamp XR-E emits 190 lumens of light and its sturdy and durable body ensures that it would withstand impacts and accidental drops. All in all, this is a safe and flame less light that is most suitable for heavy usage.  Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

10. UCO Collapsible Candle Lantern

UCO Original Collapsible Candle LanternOne of the really cool camping ideas for people with kids would be to carry a candle lantern while camping. This is a long-burning candle lander which provides warm natural light for those who do not like harsh LED lights.

It is the perfect accessory for your slow-burning candles as its candle tube keeps the flame ignited at a constant height. It offers great lighting for all outdoor pursuits and backpacking. This collapsible model can be brought down to 4.25 inch in height and its brass construction adds a nice touch to it. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

11. Coleman 3AA LED Mini Lantern

Coleman 3AA High-Tech LED Mini LanternGreat things come in small packages – this is definitely true in case of this lantern. This small wonder offers up to six hours of run time on full-charge 3AA Duracell batteries. With an adjustable light intensity feature and a frosted globe for providing the perfect beam pattern, this mini lantern from the famous brand Coleman is weather resistant too.

The Cree XLamp XR-C offers 85 lumens of light and is the miniature counterpart of the 4D High-Tech lamp. It is perfect for those who need a space-saving lamp for rigorous outdoor use. This just goes to show that size doesn’t really matter. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

12. Fenix Flashlight Headband

Fenix Flashlight HeadbandAre your arms aching from carrying the lantern constantly? In that case you can opt for the Fenix Flashlight Headband that provides you with hands-free usage. This gear can fit up to two 18-22mm diameter lights. The waterproof battery compartment ensures non-stop illumination even in rainy weathers!

This is a great gear to have for hiking, climbing and exploration in general for those who like to convert their flashlights into headlamps.  Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

13. Gerber 30-000071 6 Functions Curve Knife

Gerber 30-000071 6 Functions Curve KnifeThis one definitely counts as one of the awesome camping stuff to carry along with you during your camping trips. It is a compact sized pocket tool that is fashionable and functional. The components of this curved knife can be locked together to make it safe for carrying.

It comes with a medium flat screwdriver, a bottle opener, a file, a carbineer clip, a fine-edged blade, a cross driver and an awl. The stainless steel construction of these components makes them highly durable. If you aren’t a fan of carrying a comprehensive army knife with you then this would serve as a great alternative. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

14. UCO Mini Ultralight Lantern for Tealight Candles

UCO Mini Ultralight Lantern for Tealight CandlesIf you aren’t exactly fond of carrying candles with you on your camping trips then you can consider opting for the UCO mini Ultralight Lantern for tea light candles. This one is just four inches in height and weighs about 3.5 ounces together with the tea light candle. It offers approximately four hours burn time and the light intensity is 450 BTU.

What makes this lantern handy is its wind-resistant glass chimney along with the aluminum body. The twist lock base ensures that the tea light candle stays put and offers uninterrupted illumination. The vent at the base of the lantern allows entry of cool air in order to supply the burning tea light flame with oxygen.  Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

15. ENO Twilights 23 LED Light Set

ENO Twilights Light SetKids are easily amused by decorations, therefore in order to make your camping tent even more appealing you can opt for this LED light set from ENO. Powered by 2AA batteries, these colorful rice lights can illuminate and decorate your tent or campsite. The light set comes with twenty three bright LED lights in a string measuring ten feet.

These are cool new camping  requisites that are simply meant for aesthetic purpose and they come with a convenient carry pouch that can easily be attached to the belt loop. Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

16. Coleman Ultra High LED Aluminum Flashlight

Coleman Aluminum LED FlashlightAs far as camping adventure is concerned, you can definitely not ignore flashlights because they are very versatile and they offer a wide range of functions. The Coleman Ultra High LED flashlight is an impressive model to consider. Its signature PerfectBeam technology ensures that the user gets satisfactory illumination from the Cree XR-E LED light that offers 140 lumens of light.

The long-lasting LEDs are capable of functioning for a very long time before requiring replacements. The weather-resistant body of the flashlight constructed from aluminum enables the flashlight to withstand heavy use.  Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

17. True Utility Cashstash Cash Capsule

True Utility Cashstash Cash CapsuleA key chain with a capsule that holds cash for emergency use – does it sound too good to be true? Well then, pinch yourself because the True Utility Cashstash Cash Capsule is very much available and it facilitates easy storage of bills for emergency use.

Needless to mention, the cash capsule constructed from aircraft grade aluminum comes with an O-ring that offers cent percent protection from water. Measuring about 45x15mm, the capsule of this key ring is even smaller than the keys, therefore it takes a negligible amount of space and is a safe haven for your emergency money.  Click Here to Buy from Amazon..

Taking Cool Camping Products With You To Pep Up Your Backpacking Trip

A camping trip without necessary camping gear is a big no-no but a camping trip without nice camping equipments is even worse! In order to enjoy the true beauty of camping, it is important to carry some really interesting and needy outdoor excursion tools, after all, you can never go wrong with these! For instance, how cool would it be to have a pocket chain saw gear that can help you saw your way through irksome branches obstructing your path and help you cut some branches for your campfire? Once you’ve had the experience of using these cool gadgets to take camping, you’d never want to go back to camping without them.

Stoves are a must when it comes to camping, after all, you got to eat in order to recharge yourself and to prepare yourself for more exciting camping adventures. One of the top option for hikers for cooking meals in is the Esbit Camping Cooking Set with hinged grips that can be pushed to the sides of the pot when not in use. These work with solid fuel tablets, therefore there is no need to fuss with the task of lighting up a fire! Thus, it is very obvious that when you carry cool new out-of-doors supplies, you will definitely benefit from them greatly.

Whether you are looking for basics or shopping for advanced camping extras, there is never a shortage of coolest camping gadgets around. Don’t forget to include a cool backpacking survival gear or two as a safety precaution. Having highly efficient camping gears with you would make you feel more confident about going on a camping trip because you know that you have the right tools in your hiking arsenal. Since these relaxing cum making comfort of your journey in backpacking trip convenient, therefore they improve the quality of your backpacking experience at the same time.

Cool camping gadgets are great to have around and most of them are multi-functional, which makes them really nifty and useful in more than one situation. Some examples of best options for any campers would be the Gerber Suspension Butterfly opening multi-plier, the Nikon All terrain binoculars, Coleman 4D LED lantern and so on.