GCI Outdoor PICO Arm Chair

camping gadgetsOutdoor recreation can be a great way to get closer with nature. Therefore, many people choose hiking and camping as their favorite outdoor activities. Indeed, there are several essential stuffs that they need to prepare before doing outdoor activities. In any case, having GCI Outdoor PICO Arm Chair can be a perfect choice for outdoor enthusiast to do camping, fishing, and watching sports.

There are lots of outdoor arm chair variation these days. Here I want to give a review regarding GCI PICO. Basically, I find that this product is very interesting, that is why I want to show some information related to this product.

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Lightweight and Portable Armchair

There are various kinds of portable arm chair products with different quality on the market. Meanwhile, this product surprisingly has a better quality than any other outdoor arm chair. It has such a small and light weight, only around 9 pounds. Besides it can be folded down into a quite small pocket, only about the size of a laptop case. Although it is lightweight, this chair is sturdy since it is made from strong aluminum. The small size of this portable outdoor chair make it possible to place the chair in the trunk, backpacks or hatchback.

Stylish And Multi-function Chair

With midnight color, this chair is completed with a stylish carry bag that provides several functions. The carry bag can be used as a chair back storage caddy. This storage caddy contains some useful pockets to store phone, beverage and other stuffs.

Reasonable Price

Sometimes, price becomes an essential factor for people to buy certain product. Indeed, we don’t have to spend so much money to get this chair. This chair costs no more than $102.99, such a reasonable price for a product with great quality.

Features and Specifications

  • This chair has 9 pounds in weight.
  • The chair has sturdy aluminum frame with nylon and polyester seat back that can support up to 250 pounds.
  • There is a storage bag that can be used for chair back storage pockets.
  • There are beverage and phone holder and some pockets.

Customer Reviews and Scores

GCI Outdoor PICO Chair is a great product for both camping and watching outdoor sports. Here, I have seen that there are lots of reviews made by the customer towards this item. In Amazon, there are about 169 people giving reviews about this product. Besides, this outdoor chair gains 4.4 stars out of a potential 5 on average.

Mostly, people are giving positive reviews for this product.Nevertheless, a few people are also showing their disappointment. Those are just a minor case, though. Still most of the customers are thinking that this is a good and worth to buy item.


In short,GCI Outdoor PICO Armchair is one of essential camping gadgets for outdoor activities enthusiasts,since it combines style and function at the same time. Besides, it also has quite reasonable price. Overall, I highly recommend this chair for people who want to have an outdoor chair with good quality.

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