Great Camping Activities

Genji Sports Pop Up Outdoor Family TentCamping is one activity where you will really have to exhaust your treasure trove of ideas on what to do to avoid getting bored. Although by itself, camping is a great activity, but it is always a different case on who you are with in this camping. If it is with family or friends, I am pretty sure that you will still need to find some things to do on certain hours where you are not eating or sitting in a campfire. Here are some great suggestions on activities during camping you can do.

  1. Hiking: This is the outdoors remember. Why not take a good time to walk, see nature, and enjoy being immersed in it.
  2. Music: Bring along your guitar, possibly keyboard, and sing out to your heart’s content in front of the campfire. Better yet, compose songs with your partner or friends along to give you ideas too.
  3. Board games: Remember, this is a place where you can do most anything. It did not say you cannot bring along monopoly or scrabble or the likes. It can turn out to be a really fun game especially with the setup you have in a camping trip.
  4. Cooking: I am not talking about cooking like in cooking shows with all those amazing ingredients. Stick with what you have and do some creative things with your barbecues or hotdogs, or even create some meals that you all can contribute something to. Cooking with friends on a camp site can be really fun if you haven’t tried it yet.
  5. Play some sports: Playing catch or even passing football is a good idea in camps. This promotes camaraderie and it is not the competitive kind of game, but rather to loosen you all up.
  6. Telling stories: This is the classic activity for camping. It can range from the fun stories, to the famous scary ghost stories. But take note not to scare them too much lest they all find camping creepy and scary eventually.
  7. Swim or do water activities: Of course this only applies if your campsite has a nearby body of water for such. But if it does, then it adds a whole new perspective to camping. Swimming is a great activity everyone enjoys. Just always be safe especially when kids are involved.
  8. Build a campfire. The most classic camping activity there is. Make everyone gather firewood and sticks, and then light the fire. Sit around and enjoy the warmth through the rest of the night.

Of course you need a lot of gadgets for camping activity and selecting this one might be tough at sometimes. You can check out our main page on Camping Gadgets or see the enhanced list of top camping tents that is selected by us based on various criteria set by us.