GSI Salt and Pepper Shaker

camping gadgetsTo have such a delicious food of course we like to bring some spicy by ourselves, having salt and pepper for example. However, in order to bring that of course you are going to need some sorts of box or such kinds of cases to bring the spicy with you. If you are in this kind of situation then of course you are going to consider having this GSI Salt and Pepper Shaker. This is a very useful and also it can be easier to bring wherever you are. The small size makes it easy to put inside the bag when we plan some outing.

Its screw caps is waterproof

One of the very safe container to put something secure, save and it remain with the same taste of a spicy then it is good to use the one with the very great caps in this case it is waterproof. If you happen to like go on outing and you need to bring your spicy like salt or pepper then having this GSI Salt and Pepper Shaker is really recommended. With the very tight caps so, it is waterproof and also it will keep the spicy on its normal flavor and taste.

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It has the small design

Since there are lots of stuff that is going to be needed while outing, so of course, not all the spicy is going to be taken so only some in that case having the very proportional container is highly suggested. You might consider having this kind of product as the right choice to have your spicy on the outing activities.

Features and Specifications

  • Its Screw Caps is waterproof so it can keep the pepper and salt dry
  • The model of this product is compact and lightweight with the twin-compartment shaker that can hold salt and pepper.
  • From the design it is special for those who like to go camping or backpacking
  • It could also be used for some other spices
  • The dispensing screens and its caps are easy to remove so it can be clean and refill easily.

Customer Reviews and Scores

GSI Salt and Pepper Shaker is the very secure container to have the salt and the pepper. However, in the real life, you might as well use it to have the other kind of spicy which is needed for the outing. That is because it is designed in the small size and also waterproof. I found about 109 Customer review while writing this one. All of them have award this product with 4.6 stars out of 5.


In summary, this GSI Salt and Pepper Shaker is one of the great camping gadgets which is for those people who like go outing to have their spicy remain good. The quality of the product is out of question anymore as it is shown by many people who happen to have purchased this product have delightedly recommend it to their friends.

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