How to Start a Campfire?

campfireWhen you hear the word campfire, what immediately comes to your mind? Of course a swirl of pleasant images and perhaps nostalgic memories of all times. The most iconic being a welcoming campfire shared by friends and loved ones.

Besides warding off a cold chilly night, a campfire is quite often a place where family, friends, lovebirds and acquaintances gather together to lounge, roast marshmallows, chat or just silently stare at the empty sky or glowing coals and let their minds wander.

Campfire has a magnetic power that attracts all of us. But before divulging into such nirvana, do you really know how to start a campfire? Well, not knowing how isn’t a crime and it isn’t that hard.

Here is a step by step guideline of how to start one.

Gather all that you need

There’s a list of items necessary to start a campfire than just placing a few logs and tossing on a match.

Here’s is a list of what you’ll need.

  • Tinder or wood shavings or commercial fire sticks
  • Kindlings which are twigs or small branches
  • Firewood
  • A lighter or match box

Building the campfire

Before starting a campfire, it has to be built first.Push the ash as well as charcoal from previous fires to the extreme outer edge of the ring to create enough room for the new campfire, often called the fire pit.You can as well create your fire pit by clearing away any vegetation or dead grass around.

Then dig a pit into the cleared soil to set the loose dirt aside, this can be useful in case of emergency. Also, you can mound the soil or large rocks around the sides of the pit. This acts as a firewall and insulates the fire.

Follow the following instruction to get your campfire burning.

  • Next, just at the center of the ring, keenly lay a bed of tinder.
  • Then create a larger teepee of firewood on or over the kindling.
  • After this lit the fire with a matchbox of a lighter. The fire flames will rise to the kindling which in turn lit the larger wood.
  • Congratulations for lighting your first campfire and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor.