Important Supplies You Need for Camping

Summer time or winter tine, whatever the season is, outdoor camping is just around the corner. Everybody got to enjoy it and the nature too. Though a lot of things are put into consider, there are things you should not forget and that is your camping supplies list.

Camp Shelter

  • Tents: It provides shelter from the sun, wind and rain. It also gives you protection from animals who might be roaming the area at night especially when you are asleep.
  • Extra stakes: You need these in case if one or more of the stakes broke, you still have extras to replace the broken ones. This could also be used as a weapon to protect one’s self if attacked by a wild animal.
  • Axe or hammer: This is useful in making and trimming stakes or for cutting firewood.
  • Bungees, cords or extra ropes and straps: These will keep the tent secured and in place.

Camp Cooking

  • Stove with fuel: Of course you need this for cooking food.
  • Water filters or purifying pills: These are helpful in keeping your water from impurities and contamination making it safe to drink.
  • Water containers: These are where you store the water for drinking and washing.
  • Matches and lighters: These are used when making a fire for cooking.
  • Charcoal or firewood: These are used for grilling or as a fuel for cooking.
  • Pots and frying pans: Two of different sizes will do when making porridge or stew and for frying.
  • Cooking utensils: These consist of spatula for frying and ladles for soupy dishes.
  • Condiments: These include salt, pepper, condiments as well as oil and other seasonings.
  • Plates, bowls, mugs and silver wares: You need these things to place your foods for eating.
  • Can and bottle openers: Used for opening bottles and cans.
  • Paper towels and tissues: These are for wiping the surface dirt in your table and in your hands.
  • Knife and scissors: These are essential supplies for cutting your food and other things.


  • Camping sleeping mats or bags: It could be double or single.
  • Camping blankets: These give you added heat if the sleeping mats are not enough.
  • Air mattress, air pump and repair kit: You can bring this along if you don’t want any stones or sticks pricking your back while you sleep.
  • Pillow: This is optional, if you still have a lot of space in your bag and still have the energy to carry more loads then go on with it.


  • First aid kit: Never go camping without it for you never know when emergency calls and have a need for it.
  • Lantern or flashlight with extra batteries: This will make your surroundings and your tent illuminated during the night providing you more visibility in the darkness.
  • Toiletries: Even when you’re away from home it is not an excuse not to have a proper hygiene.
  • Compass and whistle: In case you get lost on your way or while trekking, these are helpful tools to find you in no time.
  • Cellphones and extra battery: In case a need arises, the need for immediate action is established.
  • Fishing gear: If you love fishing do not forget this precious tool since it will also be a way of getting your camp food – fishes.