Why You Need a Knife When You Camp

It is unheard of to go on a camping trip without a knife. You may be wondering why you need a knife on a camping trip. Well, here are several reasons you should carry a good knife with you the next time you venture out into the wild:

Preparing Fires

It may or may not surprise some people, but a knife can be used to prepare for and start fires out in the wild. In case where you usually camp is damp, you will need to make feather sticks or some other tinder by shaving wood, for example. And you know how much a knife would be of help here. An ideal fire starter once out in the wild is a ferrocerium rod, and you may use the knife as a striker. You may also craft a bow drill to start a fire by carving with your knife.

Hunting, Fishing and Preparing Food

It is unthinkable that you’d go out to fish without a knife. A knife will aid in cutting the fishing line to remove hooks, among a host of other things. You may also need to hunt for some game meat if it is allowable. If you are a skilled knife thrower, you can turn the knife blade to a makeshift spear by fastening it to a long stick and using it to aim at prey. You could also sharpen the end of a good stick into a point and use it as a spear to hunt down game.

And when you catch the prey, it will need to be prepared well. With the knife, you can prepare the food for cooking and eating. The knife will cut, gut and skin the meat or food to prepare it for cooking. The knife comes in handy if you need to peel some fruits before munching.

Working with Cord

If you camp regularly, you must have realized that you need to carry several types of cord for most of the camp tasks such as making a clothes line, rigging a tarp and bear bagging. There are times a line or knot will become stuck and you’ll be forced to cut it. And you may sometimes need to cut lengths of cord when you need shorter ones. A knife would also be handy if you need to cut or trim extra material or clothing. For instance, you could be having a lot of unnecessary weight or loose hanging material- you can use the knife to trim it off your clothing or backpack.

Defense and protection

Though it doesn’t make much of a weapon, a pocket knife may be of help if you find yourself in a sticky situation. It can fend off an attacker or slow down the aggressor by a few minutes hoping by then help would have come. Similarly, you can use the knife as a defensive weapon against some wild animals.

Other uses of a knife in the wild

There are a host of other uses of a knife when you are out in the wild camping. You can use it as a signal device (it can work as a signal mirror if it gives off a strong reflective shine). You may also find it useful for storage of other tools- some knifes have hollow handles where you can store small things such as matches and fishing gear. In conclusion, it is a travesty not to carry a knife when going to a camping trip. It can help in doing a lot.