Largest Patio Umbrellas

While you may not think much about patio umbrellas, these things are very difficult to shop for and I have had this realization when I needed to get one for my patio. Outdoor seating is no doubt very appealing but you wouldn’t want to be seated outside having your meal or hanging out with people when the midsummer heat waves are at full swing. This is where patio umbrellas come into the picture. These provide shade and relief from heat while preserving the excitement and fun of outdoor dining or chilling out.

When choosing an outdoor umbrella, it is important to take size into consideration. The right sized umbrella would provide you with adequate shade. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that the size of the umbrella can make or break your outdoor seating. So make sure you pay close attention to the size of the patio umbrella you choose. If you are looking for the largest patio umbrella then you can consider the following 7 options:

#1) 13 Foot Green Market Patio Umbrella

13 Foot Green Market Patio Umbrella Outdoor FurnitureThis will serve as the perfect canopy for your patio. Not only does this outdoor umbrella provide shade from the sun (UV 30+) with it also protects against rain. Its poles and ribs made from German Beech wood are insect repellent and topped off with a coat of varnish, thereby prolonging its lifespan.

Measuring 13 feet in diameter, this is definitely a very large garden umbrella that is just right for large tables or outdoor seating spaces. Even though it is massive in size, it is surprisingly quite stable because of its 8 ribs design. The umbrella is large enough to provide adequate shade to table of six or more.

#2) GHP 13 Feet Green Aluminum UV Protective Polyester Patio Umbrella

GHP 13Ft Green Aluminum UV Protective Anti-fade 180D Polyester Patio UmbrellaMeasuring a generous 13 feet in diameter, this green 180D polyester patio umbrella is UV protective and offers good shade owing to its large size. The material does not fade easily, which makes it a great investment for outdoor living spaces as you would not need to change it very often.

The 100” pole of the patio umbrella is high enough to be out of the way and at the same time it isn’t too high that it loses its function! Easy to open and close, the umbrella also works great for the beach, street and garden.

#3) 13 Foot Hunter Green Market Patio Umbrella

13-foot-hunter-green-market-patio-umbrella-outdoor-furnitureIf you want one of the largest patio umbrellas then 13 feet in diameter is definitely the way to go. This one is made of German Beech Wood. Not only does it have the natural wood texture but it is also made to repel insects. The anti-fade polyester canopy of the umbrella ensures that it stays vibrant for a long time, thereby providing the user with great value.

The canopy is also waterproof and offers good protection when it drizzles. The umbrella has 8 firm ribs, which provides the stability required in case of a large outdoor umbrella like this one.

#4) 13 Foot Khaki Polyester Rope Pulley Patio Umbrella

13 Foot Khaki German Beech Wood 180g Water-proof Polyester Rope Pully Market Patio Umbrella OutdoorTired of the regular green color for outdoor umbrellas? How about picking one that is Khaki in color? The pulley and rope mechanism of this patio umbrella makes it very easy to lift and lower. The umbrella would stay put in case of strong winds too because of its 8 sturdy ribs construction.

The polyester canopy does not fade and offers UV 30+ sun protection. It is constructed from German Beech wood and has a varnish coat in order to increase its durability while maintaining its natural look.

#5) 13 Foot Red Polyester Sycamore Wood Umbrella

XL 13 Foot Red Polyester UmbrellaThis is definitely one of those outdoor patio umbrellas that would catch your eye with its bright color. The red shade of the umbrella is sure to perk up your patio space, thereby making it very inviting and pleasing to the eye. Made from Sycamore wood, the umbrella provides a good canopy for enjoying the outdoor scenery and breeze.

It protects against the sun, rain and also strong winds. Featuring 8 ribs wrapped with cloth for better stability and optimum stretch, the garden umbrella will prove to be a great addition to your patio.

#6) 13 Foot Market Patio Umbrella Khaki

13 Foot Market Patio Umbrella Outdoor Furniture KhakiIf you’re looking for a large umbrella that scores high in both function and aesthetics aspect then this one would fit the bill. FSC certified, the umbrella is environment protecting. It is constructed from Sycamore wood, which is known for its high density and harness.

Measuring 13 feet in diameter, the Beige/Khaki umbrella is substantially large and can be mounted in the middle of a table or on a stand. In terms of design, this patio umbrella is quite impressive, you can detach the pole for storing away the umbrella conveniently.

#7) New Sun Shade Backyard Grass Lawn Waterproof Top Sycamore Umbrella

Laggest Patio UmbrellaBe it on a business street, a pub street, a gazebo, a garden or by the lake, this outdoor umbrella will definitely serve the purpose in the best possible manner. Being 13 feet in diameter, the umbrella is large enough to absorb the harmful UV rays of the sun while keeping the individuals under it cool.

It is also a great choice when drizzling as it offers adequate protection thanks to its water-resistant canopy. The attractive matching air vented top of this blue umbrella is yet another impressive feature. The umbrella boasts of a pulley and rope mechanism for easy lifting and lowering, therefore you do not need tools for erecting the umbrella or retracting it.

Finding large patio umbrellas is definitely not an easy feat, I had to do extensive research in order to come up with the best choices. With this list, I hope to help individuals who are in the same position as I was, i.e. looking for the best large patio umbrella money can buy. The choices stated are no doubt worthwhile options to consider because they offer the best of both worlds: high functionality and a reasonable price tag. Click on the images of the product listed in order to find out more about them. Hopefully this will make the task of whittling down your list to the ultimate one easier.

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