The Life Outdoors

Spending your life outdoors for a few days is really exciting! You have the opportunity to unravel the beauty and wonders of nature and before you knew it you are already attached with it. Mother Nature has a lot to offer to us, we just need to take care and preserve it for us to have more of it for the succeeding generations.

Outdoor camping is such a fun way to enjoy life spent outdoors. There are different places to go and different adventures that await you. Here are some great places you can visit and discover the majestic views and its wildlife.

Wyalusing Hardwood Forest

This forest is located in Wisconsin and has different forest types. The rivers are lined with silver maple trees and are abundant in animal diversity including rare birds such as Acadian flycatcher and Kentucky warblers to name a few. So don’t forget those binoculars and camera to get a shot of these colorful birds.

Ruckle Park

This park is located in British Colombia, Canada and according to history it is owned by a certain Ruckle family and was donated. It has beautiful rugged shorelines and beaches that will fascinate you of otters, minks, sea lions and even killer whales if you’re fortunate enough. The park also has forests and fields which is an excellent place to set up your outdoor camping equipment. It is abundant in Arbutus trees which you cannot find anywhere else in Canada. You can bring along your winter camping gear as winter camping is also offered here.

Mount Desert Island

Mount Desert Island is found in Maine and is the largest island off its coast. The name means “Isle of the Lonely Mountains”. This is where you’ll find Acadia National Park that treasures mountains, woodlands, lakes and shorelines. The park is abundant to numerous mammalian wildlife squirrels of gray and red, moose, chipmunks, bobcats, and foxes among others. It is also rich in marine life living in the nearby waters. Though the park is small in size it houses large numbers of plants, fungi and algae.

Limekiln State Park

This park gives you a better view of the Big Sur Coast that will take your breath away. It features captivating beauty of the giant redwoods and the amazing rugged coasts and shorelines. It has a campground of 31 sites if you want to set up your outdoor camping gear among the redwoods and 11 sites if you want to get a good view of orca whales swimming in the ocean. You can do some hiking and bathe in the icy cool Limekiln Falls.

Grayson Highlands State Park

This park is found in Virginia and lies within the Jefferson National Forest. A lot of outdoor activities are offered here such as fishing, so prepare your camping cooking equipment and those mouth-watering easy camping recipes. Aside from fishing, adventure camp includes hiking, backpacking and horseback riding. There are also forests and mountain meadows where a variety of plants and animals live including wild ponies that are allowed to roam freely.

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