Lodge Pre-Seasoned Skillet

camping gadgetsAre you planning to go for camping? Have you prepared the Camping gadgets yet? Well, you also need to concern about what to eat during camping. A skillet pan is useful to cook any types of food in a better way. The question is what product you will buy. There are some options of skillets on the stores. Have you made the choice?

I recommend Lodge skillet, actually. It’s an excellent cookware and many people have used it without troubles. If you are intrigued by this product, here are some insights about the excellent camping pan including the features and reviews.

Hard and Robust Design

Lodge L5SK3 is popular due to its sturdy and solid design too. It has the 2-inches depth and easy to lug functionality. The weight of the item is 7 pounds without any foods on it. The sturdiness of this pan makes it useful to deal with any types of heat including induction burners and campfire.

Dealing Well with the Heat

One of the biggest perks using Lodge L5SK3 is the heat retaining quality. We should put vegetable oil on the pans before cooking at a top temperature. The interesting thing about this item is that it can absorb heat gradually and thoroughly. Also, it suits well for different types of cooking.

It is Eco-Friendly

Is it safe to use? It doesn’t affect the environment in a bad way at all. The item is mainly designed to reduce the unused and waste oil and store it in the recycling process. In fact, Lodge only uses biodegradable materials in their packing. We can relax as we won’t cause troubles for the environment when using the product.

Features and Specifications

  • The pan is 8-inch in size. It is useful to sear, sauté, stir fry, bake, and fry. This means the item isn’t only helpful for camping.
  • Lodge L5SK3 is ready to use as it’s a pre-seasoned product.
  • The pan can withstand heat as it has a superior retention against the different cooking environment.
  • The hand is quite sturdy and there’s a hole to hang the pan when it isn’t used.
  • It’s manufactured in the USA with a high-standard procedure.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

When it comes to sturdiness, an iron cast skillet never fails. You need to carry this item for your camping, too. In Amazon, I have seen more than 7,000 customer reviews. Most of them deliver positive feedback regarding the functionality of this item. It isn’t surprising that the item gets 4.6 stars of scores.

Some customers feels the pan is a little bit hefty, though. However, this minor problem won’t affect to the entire plus points of this item. The others said they really love the item due to its sturdiness.


In a nutshell, Lodge cast iron pan is very sturdy for different cooking techniques, especially during camping. It’s considered as one of the most important Camping gadgets to have. The design is sturdy and it can withstand the heat way much better than regular camping pans. Plus, it won’t affect the environment in a bad way.

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