Mr. Heater Tent Fan

Camping gadgets are imperative for camping and outdoor activities. The question is what kind of item we must bring with us. Well, it depends on our needs. Mr. Heater tent fan is one of the examples. What is it, exactly? It’s a type of fan that we can carry everywhere. To put it simply, that’s a portable fan. The product will be useful when it comes to dealing with harsh temperature during camping. Getting the warm breeze with a simple fan inside the tent is quite comforting.

The size is compact and the function is good. We won’t get the troubles to carry this item whether for camping or other outdoor activities. When it is about the quality, each of us may experience different things. I personally want to provide information regarding the features, strengths, and customers’ opinions about this tent fan. It will be a pleasure to share my experience here.

Excellent Heating

The first thing that comes in mind when discussing about Mr. Heater is the heating quality. This tent fan is quite helpful if we are cold and bothered when sleeping in the campsite. It can heat up to 250 square feet. Plus, it may run perfectly until the next morning. Its two-speed feature is very useful for us who can’t withstand the cold.

Automatic Safety System

On average, this big guy can produce up to 4100-9000 BTUs. It’s quite similar to the ones that people use at home. What about the features? It isn’t only quick in heating, but it also includes a safety feature. It will shut off automatically when it’s tipped over. Actually, it’s a propane heating system. We can maximize its function by placing it on rocky ground.

Features and Specifications

  • The fan includes 2 speeds with foam blades. The manufacturer even includes Caribineer hook to this item.
  • It is energy efficient with bright LED bulb. It rates up to 50 lumens, in fact.
  • The product works well by using 4D batteries.
  • It can withstand up to 48 hours on low speed and 24 hours on high speed.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

Mr. Heater tent fan is quite well-known among us who often conduct camping or other outdoor activities. Why? It’s both versatile and useful. The heat will make us comfortable while sleeping. Not to mention it’s very durable so it lasts the whole night. If we want to get convenient during the camping, we need to take advantage of this item.

On the Amazon, we can see 45 reviews and most of them are positive. That’s why this portable heater gets 4.2 stars out of 5 stars in max. The satisfied customers say that they love both its size and features. The foam blades work nicely as well.


In summary, we should include this tent fan as one of the most important Camping gadgets to get. Not only it’s simple but it also provides an excellent heating system with lots of useful features. Moreover, the price is quite affordable. Most of the customers are satisfied to use this product, in fact.

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