Nature and You

Where is the best place to get your refuge when you want to unwind and free yourself of the negativity? What is more exciting than walking under the sun with a cool breeze kissing your cheek? What is more serene and calm than sleeping under the moon and stars inside your tent after counting the constellations? It’s nature where you will find peace and comfort. Whatever type of camping you choose, you could still be with nature as one. Here are some beautiful places to start your camping adventure.

Garden Route National Park, South Africa

This is the place if you want to experience both the perfect combination of land and sea together. It is one of the camping places that boast of the loveliest coastlines in the world. You can do some hiking here, kayaking while watching the whales and dolphins playing (not to mention some sharks) or just take some pictures while bird watching and enjoying the view.

Glacier National Park in Montana

This national park encloses land millions of acres making it a home to many of the geographical formations and flora and fauna. You will find your heart’s desire here like waterfalls cold as ice, lakes full of fishes where the biggest lake is Lake McDonald. There are also glaciers and mountains that houses hundreds of plants and wildlife species including black and Grizzly bear, moose and mule deer.

Lake Myvatn, Iceland

This lake is located near Akureyki in North Iceland and was formed during the heavy eruption centuries ago. Its name was derived from the large number of midges or flies gathering at the lake. Large number of different birds find their home here and makes it a good camp ground to set up your outdoor camping tent for bird watching and to catch a great view of the Northern Lights.

Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

It is the largest national park in Costa Rica and considered by the National Geographic as “the most intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity”. It has rich rainforests that shelter thousands of different plants and animal species compared to other continents. You can set up your camping gear in the park itself or outside it if you want privacy.

Big Sur, California

Big Sur came from the Spanish words “el sur grande” which means Big South. There are lots of campsites surrounding the area but if you want solitude, you can anchor your big camping tent in the forest among the giant redwoods stand proud for centuries, bubbling stream where you could take your bath or fish for your camp food or stroll by the beach and swim for a while.

Some Tips and advice before and after spending your time with nature

  • Make sure all the necessary camping gear and supplies are complete by checking your camping equipment list. Don’t forget too to check if they are working and have no defects.
  • Comply with the rules and regulations of the campsites where you are spending your exciting camp life.
  • Respect nature and bring with you your garbage. Leave nothing at the site except your awe and admiration of the place and its wonders so you will come back for it again.