Outdoor Camping Checklists

Whenever your family decides to do an outdoor camping, do not forget to make a thorough checklist of all the things you will possibly need while camping. It is worst to find out that you have forgotten your sleeping bags after traveling for a long distance! The list given below can be a basis of your basic needs that you must bring with you, however, it is your choice on what to bring that you think will be essential to your trip. Make a print out and try to modify the list according to your likings.


Bags such as backpacks, plastic bags, tent bag, etc.
Boxes like cardboard boxes
Ice packets

camping lightingLighting Resources

Make sure to check batteries.
Lighter just like the one you use to light a cigarette
Gas lantern
Water-proof matches
Spare lantern mantles and fuel
Spare bulbs and batteries

camping shelterBedding or Shelter

Tent – the most important item to bring
Double sleeping bags
Duvet – if you have any space left for it
Mattress – is you will use air mattress, do not forget the inflator
A hammer to secure your tent pegs

camping first aidFirst Aid / Medical

Sun block lotion
Insect or Mosquito repellant lotion or spray
Paracetamol and Aspirin
A pair of tweezers for ticks and splinters
Bandages, antiseptic and plasters

camping personal itemsPersonal or Toiletry Items

Bands, combs or hair brushes
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Shaving cream and razor
Make-up bag – includes basic make-ups only
Toilet paper

Other Essential Items

Map and Compass
Swiss Army Knife
Mobile phones with extra battery and with car adapter
Safety pins
Camcorder with an excellent battery life and with extra tapes
Card games, books, toys, radio – anything to keep you and kids busy
Credit card and extra cash on hand
Foldable bikes
Travel clock
Basic tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, etc.
Pegs and clothesline

cooking in camping placeCooking

Stove with lighter and enough fuel
Newspaper just in case you need to fire a campfire
Grilling charcoal for that delicious Barbeque
Sauce pan
Small frying pan
Thermos for instant hot water
Can opener
Bottle opener or corkscrew

Dishes for Eating

Sharp knife
Dish cloth
Knives, forks spoons and teaspoons
Tea towel
Dish washing liquid soap


Rubbish or garbage bags
Paper towels
Paper plates, bowls and cups
Plastic spoons, knives and forks
Aluminum foils

Drinks and foods

Baked beans
Cooking oil
Spreadable Butter
Tomato sauce in pouch
Bread (any kind)
Mushrooms, onions and tomatoes
Spices, salt, pepper, sugar
Fruits in small cups, pouches or cans
Tea and coffee
Juice, milk and soft drinks in can

Always remember that this list is just for your reference of the basic needs in outdoor camping. However, your kids can add as much as they want and as long as you think that it is essential for your trip. Try to avoid bringing game consoles for you were there to enjoy the outdoors and learn to appreciate the Mother Nature.