Planning Your Camping Food

camping foodOne of the things that draw many people to a camping trip is campfire cooking. However, it usually isn’t a walk in the park for the person tasked with preparing the camping food. He or she has to find the camping recipes, shop for the camp food, make the menus, and determine what cookware and equipment to bring. But does it have to be that hard? With just a little planning, and with the aid of some of the tips outlined below, the work of preparing the camping food will be so much easy and fun:

Three-day camping menu

In case you are undecided on what the menu for a three-day camping trip shall be, there is a fallback menu here that you can consult and make your work much easier. This menu uses easy camp food recipes and just needs a frying pan, coffee pot and cooking pot as cookware equipment. You don’t need a camp stove- though one can be used.

  • The first day (the arrival day) – for dinner have veggies foil dinner and Hobo Hamburger. These can be prepared at home.
  • The second day- breakfast – take toasted bagels and instant oatmeal
  • unch – have toasted cold-cut subs
  • Dinner- Barbequed boneless chicken breast along with baked potato.
  • Third day – breakfast- Fried hash browns and baggie omelet
  • Lunch – chips, fruit and Ramon cup-o-noodles

You can have the following as evening campfire treats: Hobo pastry on a stick, chocolate banana boat. Remember to carry snacks and enough beverages. Remember you can edit the camping menu outlined above as appropriate. The one provided is only a fallback plan in case you can’t come up with any.


If in your excursion you can access refrigeration, then meat products, milk and other perishables can be used on any of the camping days. If you can’t access refrigeration, the perishables should be kept chilled and consumed early in the camping trip before they go bad. You may invest in ice packs and quality coolers that can keep the food fresh and edible for a few days- that is if you intend to carry perishables with you. Once you are done with the perishables, you can then turn to nonperishable items or vacuum-sealed items for the remainder of the trip.

Best Foods for a Camp Trip

Some of the best foods for a camper are the ones that you do not need to cook or cool. For example, granola, chocolate, nuts, jerky-style meats, and dried fruits are easy to pack, and they don’t add a lot of weight to the pack. All you need to pack all these great protein sources is a zipper top plastic bag.

While preparing for the camping trip meal, it is important to remember to carry foods that everyone will like. You may ruin the experience for one of your fellow campers if the food you packed doesn’t sit well with them. And it can also be difficult to carry everyone’s favorite food; the trick is to find something that everyone can take.

In conclusion, with enough planning, creating a menu and preparing food for a camping trip of whichever number of days is not exactly difficult.