Pocket Chain Saw Military Survival Gear

cool camping gadgetsMany people are really into outdoor activities these days. To do the outdoor activities, it will be better to bring several essential kits that might come in handy in the way of wilderness. Survival kit is one of the cool camping gadgets that people should bring to help them in urgent situation. Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear is one great survival equipment that people should bring, especially to help them do the cutting.

As a matter of fact, there are various kinds of similar survival kit on the market. But here, I want to give a basic review of Pocket Chainsaw Gear. Personally, I really love this useful item, that is why I want to share some interesting information here.

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Strength of Cutting Teeth

There are many life-saving survival gear products on the market. But this product has a great strength that it can even cut big woods in no time. To cut a tree, we only need to put the blade around the tree and move it back and forth. This tool is very useful for hunters, backpackers, and campers. It can also be used at garden, yard, and home. We can give it at least 8 point in the scale of 10 due to its strong teeth.

Affordable Price

Sometimes buyers are afraid about the price of certain product they want to buy. Nevertheless, we don’t have to spend so much money to get this survival gear. The price is only $24.97; such an affordable price for an advantageous thing.

Excellent Portability

This tool is widely known as a small portable tool with big benefits. It is a lightweight item, only 4 ounces. Besides, this 24-inches saw is completed by a pouch that can be inserted inside a backpack.With this small size, this tool can be brought everywhere as a life-saver.

Features and Specifications

  • There is a 24-inch pocket chainsaw.
  • There are nylon strap handles on each side to make it easy to hold the chainsaw.
  • There is a Velcro closure storage bag along with belt loop to make it easy to carry.

Customer Reviews and Scores

This Pocket Chain Saw Military Survival Gear is undeniably perfect survival item both for outdoor activities or for fixing anything at home. From Amazon, I have seen that there are plenty of customers’ reviews regarding this product. There are around 252 reviews made by the customers. For the scores, this item also gets 4.7 stars out of a potential 5 on average.

Mostly, customers’ reviews are good. Only a few people show dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, those are only minor cases.Other people are quite satisfied with the strong cutting teeth of this chainsaw. Besides, they are also think that the small size makes it more flexible to bring it everywhere. Indeed, this pocket survival gear is a must-have item for everyone.


To conclude, Pocket Chainsaw Survival Gear is one of the cool camping gadgets that every outdoor enthusiast must have. This survival kit is also economically friendly. While having a small size is also another good point. Overall, this chainsaw is highly recommended since it offers great benefits only in one simple package.

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