3 Ways to Prepare Kids for Camping

You are planning to have an outdoor camping with your family, which includes your kids. This will be your first time so planning this trip will be intimidating for you. A well-planned trip is a must especially for your kids because you plan to have this trip as often as possible. There is no room for mistakes at all.

However, no matter how carefully you planned an outdoor camping, something will always go wrong. Small casualties like a scrape or a sting will happen, but you must always keep your composure together. To help you with, here are some tips on preparing camping with your kids and family so that everyone will be prepared on what to expect and what to do in case of emergencies.

It is you who know your kids very well. Start by planning activities that may fit their anticipation and age level. Never let them do activities that you think they will not be able to fulfill and they are not interested in.

Let Your Kids Be Involved in the Planning Stage

  • Elevate your kids’ enthusiasm
  • Plan your camping activities according to your kids’ interest like canoeing, fishing, swimming, nature walks, looking for wildlife, kayaking, hiking or bicycling. After asking them what they want, make a research on wildlife parks or any campgrounds around your area that offers facilities that matches their chosen activities.
  • Let your kids do their part by letting them choose on the list of parks you have researched, packing their own things and choosing the food they want to eat while camping.

Pre-Camping Preparations

  • If this will be the first time for your kids, let them experience how it feels to sleep on tents by having a backyard camping a week before your schedules outdoor camping. This way, you will be able to know if they will be comfortable sleeping in tents.
  • Familiarize the kids on how to assemble a tent. Help them and instruct them on how to do it and let them play in the tent.
  • Before you leave for a real camping, make sure you have tested all your camp equipment if they are all ok. Show the kids how to use it doing outdoor cooking.

Preparing and Packing for Your Kids

  • If this is your family’s first time to do an outdoor camping, make sure to consider a park that has washroom and shower facilities and with running water. This will make your family’s camping experience a bit easier for everyone.
  • Book short camping days (ideally 2 to 4 days only)
  • Keep your checklist on hand
  • Do not forget to pack extra clothing for your kids. They easily get dirty especially when they are enjoying playing in sands, mud or water.
  • Do not forget to pack their warm clothing. It can be cold at night even in summer season.
  • Remember to bring your complete first aid kit.
  • Bring essentials like flashlights with extra batteries, extra foods for they can get really hungry and thing that can comfort your kids at night like their favorite stuffed toys and pillows.

Hopefully, the list above for preparing camping with kids has helped you on how to get ready for your much-awaited first outdoor activity for your family. Now that everything is prepared, go out there and start bonding with your family that they will surely enjoy and wants to repeat for the coming years ahead.

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