SE MT908 11 Function Credit Card Size Survival Pocket Tool

camping gadgetsHaving an outdoor activity such as camping is always fun. Still, you must know what Camping gadgets to carry. A survival pocket tool indeed is an important item for you. It helps you cut, open, and measure things in the wild. As long as you get the best product, you may never get disappointed with its quality.

You can find many commercial survival kits either on local or online stores. Not all of them are reliable. This means you should choose the best one. SE MT908 11 is a nice choice, actually. I want to give a few of reviews related to this item.

The Blade is piercing

Never overlook the quality of its blade. As a precaution, the edges are sharp and they are very functional for everyday usage. We can even incorporate the item with the other survival tools of ours. The overall quality of the tool is beyond good. Be careful, we shouldn’t hurt ourselves with it.

Unmatched Sturdiness

Just because it’s compact doesn’t mean it is vulnerable. On the other hand, SE MT908 has an excellent sturdiness. It’s quite handy for daily use and we can store it anywhere without problems. In fact, the item can withstand any troubles either in the terms of weather or physical damages. We only need to be concerned when walking through a metal detector while carrying it.

It Fits in Pocket

SE MT908 11 is very suitable for anyone who looks for simplicity. The item offers much functionality and we can carry it in our pocket. Whenever we need to use the item, we can put it out from the sheath. Even though it isn’t the only choices of survival tools on the market, it offers the best portability.

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Features and Specifications

  • It has a compact size so it fits in any storage including a tiny compartment, purse, pocket, and wallet.
  • There are 11 different functions. It includes can opener, 4-position wrench, cap opener, and many more.
  • The survival tool has a hole as space for the key ring on a gear.
  • There’s a leather case included for storage.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The SE MT908 is very useful and simple survival tool. It can do different tasks for outdoor activities like camping. The material is durable and the edges are just perfect. If you are really a camping geek, you should get this one.

There are around 2,274 customers’ reviews on the Amazon. Most of these customers get satisfied due to the simplicity and durability of this item. When it is about the scores, the tool deserves 4.0 stars out of a 5 on a total.

Overall, the customers are quite positive. Some might say that they get hurt by using this item. Yet, the others won’t bulge with that small downside. There’s a leather case to carry it in a safe manner, in fact.


Camping gadgets like SE MT908 11 indeed is an essential item to get. There are reasons why you need it. First of all, it’s easy to carry. It also has sturdy shape with excellent edges. You can even put it in your pocket like a credit card. This is the prime reason why most campers never miss carrying the survival pocket tool.

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