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Choosing The Right Camping Chair

With very many options in the market, it can sometimes be difficult to select a suitable chair for camping. Before buying a camping chair, it is important to know what to look for regarding material, size, and design so that you can choose a chair that best fits your needs. Read on to understand what to look for in a camping chair:

Who’ll Use the Chair

Before embarking on selecting a camping chair, it is important to decide who’ll be using the chair and how portable the chair needs to be. Camp chairs designed for young people are usually smaller and lower to the ground. They are also more portable and lightweight. On the other hand, chairs meant for adults are raised and bigger.

Because camping chairs have different maximum weights according to the brand and design, it behooves bigger adults to get bigger, more durable and sturdier chairs. Alternatively, where space is limited, you can opt for a camping chair that can hold more than one person- but first, ensure that the chair is suitable for everyone. Also, ensure the chairs are portable enough to carry for long distances on foot to a camping site.


Camping chairs are either constructed from nylon or foam. Both of these materials have their share of pros and drawbacks, and consumers should take each into consideration before making the purchase. Also, buyers need to be keen on the sewing construction because material with poor coverage over the camping chair’s frame could tear sooner.

Nylon is thin and sleek. It is usually comfortable. It is water resistant and relatively more durable. Its water resistant nature makes it ideal for camping in a wet climate. Other camping chairs are constructed of foam. Camping chairs made of foam function well when a camper needs extra support or when the chair is without legs. Most foldout chairs having no legs can lean against trees, thus, providing cushioning even when outdoors.

Chair Styles

It is crucial to opt for a chair design suited for the outdoor activity that you like most, and the build and design of a chair can ably predict what style will work best for your need. You can choose from the following designs: stools, traditional chairs, and high-end chairs.

Camping stools – camping stools are very often made of steel, wood, or plastic, and they vary wildly in height. They can hold large weight loads. They are made with either rip-stop nylon material or canvas- though some designs feature padding for additional comfort. Some of the camping stools’ legs form an X’ shape while others have tripod-style legs.

Traditional chairs – These chairs have a simplistic fold-up design which makes them fold in one easy movement. They are ideal for camping since they are easy to carry. However, one problem is that they don’t fold up compactly.

High-end chairs– these chairs are luxurious and ideal for campers who want extra support. They’ve armrests, pockets for storage as well as strong-built backs. They are usually more expensive and bulkier than the minimal chairs. One other beautiful thing with them is that they are more durable and can adapt to varying camping environments.


There are particular features you should be looking for in a camping chair when planning an outdoor recreation. For example, look for options having the following features:

  • Cup holders
  • Arm-rests
  • Canopies
  • Wheels
  • Storage
  • Head pads or built-in headrests
  • Built-in backpack straps for easy carrying

It is unlikely that you’ll find a camping chair with all these features. What you need to do is to find out what features you’ll need most and looking for a chair that has them.