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Benefits of using a Camping Pad

camping-padThere are three important things camping enthusiasts must have: a sleeping bag, tent and a camping pad. A camping pad makes all the difference between a good night’s sleep and a rough night without sleep. There are people who can’t venture out on a camping trip without a camping pad, and you may wonder why. It is because camping pads grant them plenty of benefits that a sleeping bag alone won’t give. The two major benefits of a camping pad are comfort and insulation:


Many folks don’t realize that an insulating surface is the most crucial part of sleeping. Camping pads provide that benefit. It is noteworthy that even during warm days, the ground will usually be cooler than the body temperature. You may have no problem with that at first, but as you continue sleeping, it may turn to be uncomfortable, and sometimes dangerous.

Normally, contact with a surface that is colder than the body will make it conduct heat away from you. To guard against that, you need an insulating surface between the body and the cold surface- which in this case is the ground. A sleeping bag may not be of help so much. It will compress under the weight of your body and bring you into contact with the tent floor. The ground will then draw heat away from your body, cooling you in the process to the point of discomfort over the night.

Thankfully, camping pads are poor conductors of heat. When they are placed between you and the ground, they drastically reduce the ability of the ground to draw heat away from your body, thus, helping you to maintain your warmth. Both the closed-cell foam pads and open-cell pads provide this benefit- though the open-cell pad is a little bit more insulating than the closed-cell foam pad.


The beds people use nowadays are softer and cozy than what ancestors used eons ago. When transitioning to a rustic environment, it is important to use a camping pad. A camping pad is almost as soft and cozy as ordinary beds. It takes the edge off hard ground. It protects you from being poked by sticks, rocks and lumpy spots on the ground.

Very Portable

Someone could already be loving the idea of a camping pad but resenting the fact that they have to carry something so bulky. The good news is that most camping pads are very portable. Inflatable options are often compact when they are rolled up. It is noteworthy, however, that they are heavier than foam camping pads. Foam camping pads are lightweight and more durable, thus, making them the ideal choice for campers who don’t want to carry heavy things.

One beautiful thing to note with inflatable camping pads is that they have multiple air chambers, which means you can customize the pad according to your preferences. For instance, you can let some chambers out and fill others up for a great night’s sleep.

While some people consider them basic, the immense benefits camping pads bring to campers cannot be overstated. If you want a memorable camping experience, you should carry a good camping pad to ensure you get the rest you deserve after an active day out in the wild.

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