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How to Stay Clean While You Are Camping

Keeping clean while camping is difficult especially since you are very far away from the modern conveniences you are so accustomed to. Nonetheless, it is doable. Abide by the following guidelines to achieve the highest hygienic standards possible while out in the wild:

Preparing for Camping

Keeping clean while camping starts from the preparation stage. When packing for your camp, avoid cotton clothes. Clothing made of cotton feels comfortable at first, but the fabric soaks up the sweat quickly, rapidly gets dirty and causes uncomfortable chafing. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, can help wick moisture and prevent sweat from lingering on the body. Besides, synthetic materials dry a lot faster than cotton, and they don’t cause chafing or blistering in the areas that often suffer from those issues.

You should also bring the following things along with you on your camping trip:

– Biodegradable soap

– Wipes

– Small bucket

– Washcloth

– Cloth

– Enough pair of socks, and appropriate footwear.

– Hand sanitizer

– Small shovel

In the Camp

When you get to the camp, borrow the following tips and tricks for an easy and fun stay outdoors. You’ll love the experience more if you don’t get sick, are comfortable and feeling fresh.

Swab Yourself

When out on a camping trip you need wipes to swab yourself and keep grime, dirt and bacteria at bay. There are times you will find yourself filthy and you can’t access water immediately. A packet of wipes and some hydrogen peroxide will come in handy. You just need to take the wipes, dip them inside hydrogen peroxide and swab your face, arms, groin, neck and other areas of high bacteria growth. This way, you will not scare other campers and wildlife with the stench.

Use Hand Sanitizer before Meals

Before reaching for the bag of chips, use a generous dollop of hand sanitizer so that you don’t ingest dangerous bacteria.


In case you do not have access to running water, you may take a dip in a river or a stream. Don’t bathe in stagnant water because bacteria love where there is no current. If using a biodegradable soap, use it at least 200 feet from a body of water. It is good to be environmentally conscious.

Never re-wear clothes

Some people want to pack as light as possible. That is okay; however, remember to pack enough clothing to take you through the duration of the trip. Make sure you come with enough underwear and pair of socks.

A Small Shovel

You must be wondering why you have to carry a shovel in your camping trip. The shovel is important for bathroom breaks. It is rare to find a restroom deep in the words- which poses a difficulty in taking care of the business hygienically. With a shovel, you can dig a new latrine each time and cover the hole with earth when you are done with that very important business. Keep the hole as far away from the camp as possible.

Perfumed Spray?

Some people might feel a need to carry perfumed spray; however, fragrant toiletries often attract unwanted wildlife visitors such as bees.


You don’t have to stay dirty just because you are camping. You can keep clean as always. Follow the tips shared above and you won’t fear getting sick following a camping trip.  Visit our homepage Camping Gadgets World to discover great camping  stuff.