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Guide for Choosing the Right Cot for Camping

When venturing out for a camping trip, it is important to have a proper and comfortable sleeping system.  It is part of what makes the camping experience great. That makes you need to have a camping cot. But how do you select the right camping cot? Read on to know how to choose the right camping cots.

Camping cots are available in different sizes, frames, sizes, fabric and so forth. Choosing the right camping cot for an outdoor activity is not exactly an easy task, and you’ll have to consider a number of things before buying one. But from the outset, you should understand that light costs are less comfortable while heavier ones offer more comfort.

One drawback with heavy cots is that they are difficult to lug from one place to another. That is why many people prefer light cots as they are more portable. Therefore, consider the distance of the camping area from your home and see if you can ace the task of carrying the cot all the way. Apart from portability, there are other important factors to place into consideration before paying for a camping cot:

Weight – Camping cots come in different weights. They range from 2 pounds to 20 pounds. There are other cots made of steel- these weigh much more. Depending on the requirements of the camping trip, you can opt for either lightweight cots or heavy duty ones.

Size – You need to consider your height and size when deciding the size of the cot you intend to buy. Full-grown adults would require a 25” wide by 75” long camping cot. There are smaller sizes meant for children and smaller people. Also, there are bigger cots designed to accommodate people.

Portability – Different cots offer different levels of portability. The packed weight and size of the cots are what usually decide the portability of the cot. If you are searching for a cot that is highly portable, then go for a cot that can be disassembled completely. Otherwise, there are cots that collapse less. The most portable costs usually weight between 2 to 4 pounds.

Ease of Assembly – If you don’t want a lot of work, then go for a cot that is easy to assemble. There are campers who decide to buy a cot based solely on how easy it is to assemble or unfold the cot. There are cots that just require you to unfurl the joints- and others entail wearisome assembling.

Fabric – Consider the fabric of the cot. The fabric should be easy to clean as well as supportive. That said, the best material in that regard is Polyester and Nylon. Try and avoid cotton canvas fabric as it catches dust easily and it is also heavy.

Comfort and Support – This is probably the most important consideration. It is why you are buying a cot in the first place. Go for a camping cot that gives you enough comfort and support. If the cot features a spring system or fabric tension, ensure you can adjust them according to your desires.

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