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Your Tent Deserves Your Care

We seek protection under tents at the time of camping but how much do we bother to protect our tents. Yes, it’s necessary to take care of your tent before and after mounting to increase its durability.

With A New Tent

Before first tenting at the camping location have a trial at home this could avoid identifying some manufacturing defects at camping or even it could give you an exposure to tenting if you are new to it.

Selecting The Tenting Location

The tent floor must be an even surface without vegetation and clear away the debris before tenting. Low lying grounds should be avoided as it may cause the rain water to stagnate.


Always have a groundsheet cut to your tent size or you need to fold the sides to your tent size. Use the ground sheet under your tent footprint so that it could protect the foot print from getting damaged.

Getting Into The Tent

While getting into the tent kindly drop your footwear and wipe your feet to avoid soiling of tent surface.

Packing A Tent

Hot sunlight and heavy rainfall are the enemies to the tents. So wipe off the excess water on your tent before packing the tents if it has got soaked in rainfall. Also always check all the water run away and if it gets absorbed by tents then it’s time to change your tent. Generally, wipe excess dirt from the tent before packing. This could avoid damages to tent sheet.

Washing The Tent

Do not use any heavy detergents for washing, always use tent washing liquid or mild soap mixed with water to clean the tents. Dry the tents on shades and avoid direct sunlight or any other hot air sources.

Tent Poles

The tent poles must be handled gently while pitching to avoid any breaking of poles. Sometimes the broken poles can be substituted with replacement poles available in generic size and it needs to be cut to match other poles size.

Tent Holes

Often we can find small holes that can be fixed instead of changing the tent sheets. Once we happen to identify the small flaws in tents immediately they can be fixed with duct tapes. If the defects are left unnoticed then they could widen causing huge damages thus affecting the longevity of the tent.