Ideas On Setting Up Your Tent

setting up tentLet’s admit it, there always comes a time in camping when you are the one assigned to set up the tent, and you have literally no idea what to do or how to get started even. You end up putting the tent anywhere you want to, without considering a lot of factors and think, heck, this is okay as long as the tent is up. Lucky if there will be no further problems, but there are some which present almost immediately, like you set up on a rocky part of the soil, or even you set up against the wind in an area and it will keep swaying your tent the whole night. Those are just some mini problems you encounter, and there are still dozens of things to consider. So let us just take a quick look at some good ideas when you are about to set up a tent.

1. Location, location, location.

Remember, this tent will be where you will be sleeping, together with your camp mates. Would you want to sleep on a soft, flat ground, or a rocky and irregular bottom. Of course you need to find that flat spot out there first. But it is not limited to that, you should also find a spot where it is not against the wind. And even more, you should consider an elevated space, not a spot which might look like a wide whole because if in case it rains, it might become a pool. Even considering anticipating the sunlight is a good thing because you don’t want to wake up to a bright sunlight in the morning in your face.

2. Organize your camp site

You are pitching your tent in a place not near the toilet, or even near your cooking area. Remember, your tent is on the flammable side of things, and getting it near the fire is not a good idea. Your camp should have some sort of designated areas, and the sleeping area is where the tents should be pitched up.

3. Make sure to keep your tent materials accounted for

The tent is a portable tool. It is separated into many components, and you should make sure it is always complete, from the time you are setting it up, to the point you are already packing it. Just one missing component, and your tent might be rendered useless in an instant If you can do these things, then I think your tent will be always okay and you can find that good spot when setting camp always.