The Basics of Camping

Camping is exciting especially if you are a beginner or a first time camper. And if you are already a frequent camper you still feel the same excitement and gets more adventurous as you try to venture to new places and explore the nature’s beauty and extravagance. Of course everything comes with the basic things to keep you prepared and equipped with the knowledge so you know exactly what to do.

Types of Camping

Camping comes in different types and the style that you choose will come up with different options in regards to the outdoor camping equipment that you need to bring.

  • Campsite Camping: This is a type of camping where campers pay a designated and measured place to pitch their camping tents for a certain period of time. It ranges from a group of friends to large families. Some campsites are very particular with the size of the outdoor tent you will be using so check with them first to know what size of the tent to bring. Most campsites provide showers, toilets and washroom.
  • Festival Camping: Festival camping has different sizes and shapes where you bring your festival gear to the campsite. Sometimes campers go alone or bring with them acquaintances to share with the cost. Festival camping also has its rules in regards with the tent size and type of camping cooking gear that is allowed.
  • Wild Camping: This is a type of camping where you only take with you what you can carry in your camping bags and setting up your tent anywhere depending on the state you are in because there are some places that wild camping is prohibited except in Scotland and Dartmoor National Park in England.
  • Glamping: It is a type of camping with a little bit of luxury. It was combined from two words – glamorous camping. Here, they provide designer tents or camping cabins with amenities and you need to book pre-pitched sites. Additionally some glamping offers activities such as rafting, mountain climbing and most of all you could indulge in gourmet foods and drinks.

Camping Checklist before Your Trip

  • Make sure all your gears are working fine. Check all of your equipment if they are working fine before you went camping.
  • Put up your tent. By pitching your tent you will be able to check if there are some manufacturer’s defects and correct it as soon as possible. Also in this way you will have a good practice on how to set up your tent properly and save on time and energy.
  • Make a to-do list and the things that you need to bring. Making a list of your activities and the important things for camping create a great camper in you. Because of the excitement, a lot of things even the simplest ones are being forgotten. So before packing your bag or your car, check your camping essentials first it is complete.
  • Always check the rules of the site for your camping. Wherever you are going to camp, check all the rules especially with the camping equipment to bring.