Top 5 Tips To Choose The Right Camping Backpack

camping tipsWhen you are going camping, there is one tiny but important factor that you have to consider so that you would have a good experience while going outdoors. You need to have a backpack that will be comfortable bringing as you trek different outdoor venues.

Backpacks can affect your camping trip and this was proven by a camper before who had his hips damaged upon putting an ill-fitting backpack on during the entire trip. However, after how many years and a second try at the same trip but with a comfy backpack, the trip was finished successfully. There are some tips that you should look at when shopping for your backpack

1) Know your needs

Camping needs vary from a camper or hiker to another. Some would opt to bring only a few things that are really essential while some would opt to find a bit more of comfort by bringing many things along on their backpacks. The latter case is usually true when people are planning to stay outdoors or in the wilderness for a month or more. Once you have already determined the necessary things to bring, it will be easier for you to estimate how your backpack should be.

2) You can ask the capacity of the backpack from the sales representative.

The salesperson can explain to you the space that will be given to you by the backpack. For a safe choice, you should just choose a backpack that will fit your needs as if you are going on a very long trip.

3) Prioritize comfort

This means that you should look for a backpack that would allow you to put in all the things that you need for camping but despite its resulting weight, you would still be able to carry it without exerting too much energy. This is possible if you will choose a backpack that is good at weight distribution for your comfort. You can test this by carrying different weights of sand bags. You can add more sand bags until you will stop at the weight that you are still comfortable carrying.

4) You should also look at the straps of the bags shoulder and hip straps

You should distribute the weight of the contents of your bag by letting the shoulder straps carry 30% of the weight while the hip straps should carry the remaining 70%. The hip strap should carry more as it has more stability. Another thing that you should look into is the extent of the mobility that you can do. It should not restrict your movements.

Backpacks should have sternum straps too in order to stabilize the weight that you will carry while trekking to your main camping spot. These straps are ideal for putting just below your collarbone for more stability.

5) Pick a frame for your backpack

There are external and internal frames. A backpack with external frames is ideal for novice campers and even kids given that you will pass by easy to follow trails. A backpack with internal frames is, on the other hand, ideal for hard trails because it allows you to move quite freely so that you can better control your moves.