Twelve LED Headlamp from Stalwart

camping gadgetsMany people love to do outdoor activities such as camping. They also need to know what kind of items to prepare. In any case, LE LED is one of the most important Camping gadgets they should get. The tool helps them see better in the night, especially to look for items or something in the dark.

It’s quite troublesome to do something during the night at the camping area, isn’t it? There are many similar headlamps on the market, though. Here I want to provide a basic review regarding LE. Personally, I really like this item so I want to share the info here.

LED Headlamp from StalwartExcellent Headlamp Lightning

There are many headlamp products available on the market. The only thing that matters is the quality. LE LED gives more than we can expect. Even though it isn’t the brightest in the world, it provides excellent illumination for different situations. In the scale of 10, we can give it at least 8 point due to its brightness and flexibility.

Great Affordability

There’s a problem among buyers when it comes to buying a product on the market. It’s the price. What about LE LED? To put it simply, we won’t spend much money to get this item from the store. The price is no more than $6.99. This means everyone can afford this useful headlamp. Being affordable doesn’t mean the item is bad in the terms of quality and durability, though.

Amusing Stats of Headlamp

This item is also renowned due to its superb stats. There are 3 brightness choices and the flashing red beam. The head strap is adjustable to suit the different size of the head. The headlamp has a solid state with both vibration and shock proof features. It lasts longer that we may expect with the approximate lifetime more than 30K hours.

Features and Specifications

  • The headlamp has excellent and super bright 2 red LED and 18 white LED illumination.
  • There are 3 AAA batteries included in the package.
  • The headlamp has the luminous flux of 781m.
  • The head strap is adjustable for the best convenience.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

LE is a good item for either camping or survival. Not to mention any household and drivers may need it for emergency purposes. I have found lots of customer reviews regarding this item in Amazon. At least, there are around 2,781 reviews made by people. This item also gets 4.2 stars out of a potential 5 on average.

Most of those reviews are positive, after all. There are some people who give some disappointments. However, those are only minor cases. The others say that they are really impressed with its excellent brightness and LE indeed is a compulsory item for camping.


To sum up, LE LED belongs one of the most important Camping gadgets for those who love outdoor activities. It’s a perfect tool as it gives both the durability and brightness. Not to mention the price is quite affordable. Overall, it’s the most recommended headlamp with lots of features and benefits.

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