Zippo Hand Warmer

camping gadgetsIt is without a doubt that Zippo is one of the most reputable brands for lighter products in the world. This time, this brand has come up with a sleek hand warmer that suits your pockets and gloves nicely. This product is known as Zippo Hand Warmer and its compact design has made it very comfortable for many users. This premium lighter has a great capacity to produce warmth for more than 12 hours constantly.

Everybody loves to enjoy their own favorite outdoor activities like hunting, camping, fishing and hiking. Such exciting outdoor activities often expose ourselves to the chilly weather. When the need to keep your hand warm arises, it would be great if you equip yourself with highly useful camping gadgets like the hand warmer provided by Zippo. It is now known as the best accessory to fight the chill at the outdoors. This Zippo warmer also comes in very handy during your camping activities.

Producing More Heat than Traditional Warmers

Zippo is well known for its high standards in producing their products. Unlike many other traditional warmer models. This hand warmer is equipped with Zippo premium lighter fluid that enables the lighter to come up with much more heat that can last up to 12 hours.

A Great Equipment for Winter Warriors

Some people find a great comfort working at the office while some other people have to work outdoor most of the time. Those who work in the forestry, construction and other outdoor industries have to fight the chill and the freezing weather constantly. The Zippo warmer is exactly what they need to keep their hands warm while doing their jobs outside. Thanks to its sleek and compact designs, any winter warrior will find it suitable for their gloves, pockets or pants.

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A Must-Have Outdoor Accessory

Zippo has equipped this product with plenty of amazing features. The fact that is virtually odorless has made it a perfect outdoor accessory for any hunter out there. It is also a great companion for many winter skiers, ice fishermen, snowmobiling enthusiasts and many other outdoor sports fans.

 Features and Specifications

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Equipped with Zippo premium lighter fluid
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Comes with a warming bag and convenient filler cup
  • 75 X 3.75 X 0.25 inch dimension has made it very easy for you to carry the lighter to any outdoor occasion.
  • Suitable for many outdoors activities like sledding, skiing, ice fishing, snowmobiling or hunting.
  • The replacement burners for this sleek warmer are sold separately.

Customer Review and Scores

With 1,074 reviews from customers cited at so far, it is without a doubt that this warmer has gained great popularity. Mostly, it is popular for its quality and sleek design. Many of them have described the greatness of this product quite frankly in their honest reviews. The 4.1 score out of 5 stars has clearly represented its quality.


The Zippo brand on this hand warmer has signified its excellence and quality. Many people love the amazing features attached on the warmer and I have to point out that the sleek and compact design as the most outstanding advantage of all.

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